Artist and illustrator Andi Astra is the founder and creative director at SpookyGirl. SpookyGirl is colorful home decor, art, and apparel for everyday use, celebrating creative self expression, questioning of the status quo, and creating the place you belong. The brand encourages people to connect with their highest selves and inspire their inner child through art and color.

Andi Astra, founder of SpookyGirl (C) Rusty Daughtery / Andi Astra / SpookyGirl

Who Is Andi Astra And What Is SpookyGirl?

A queer, multidisciplinary artist based out of Honolulu, Hawaii, Astra began creating science fiction and alien-centric art under the name SpookyGirl in 2015, using these themes to explore their own identity and relationship with femininity. SpookyGirl was born from the feeling of perpetual otherness, a theme Astra continues to explore throughout their work.

Through the creation of SpookyGirl, Astra has found a like-minded community of people who exist outside the traditional expectations of society. Fortunate enough to have a traditional art education, Astra hopes to share all they have learned with artists in their own community who are struggling to find their footing in the professional world.

This past year, Astra officially titled this initiative The Outer Rim Collective, an artist collective passionate about growth, sustainable business, community and collaboration. The Outer Rim’s goal is to connect like minded LGBTQIA+ artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to expand businesses and grow as artists, as well as provide opportunities to showcase art and educate the community.

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(C) Rusty Daughtery / Andi Astra / SpookyGirl

Andi Astra's Creatively Inspiring Weedsday Playlist

“These songs always put me in a good space to create,” says Astra. “They're some of my favorites from the last few years and inspire me to move and sing along with the music while I work.”

Mac Miller Featuring Anderson Paak - "Dang!"

This song has held the top position in my playlist of “all time favorites” for most of my twenties. It has truly defined an era for me. I love the beat and the smooth vibes, that perfect balance between upbeat and groovy. But what really makes a song for me is the lyrics — I love the way Mac Miller plays with the words alongside the music. The alliteration specifically in this song is so much fun! Whenever I need a stepping stone to a good mood, this is the first song that comes to mind.

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Janelle Monae - "Make Me Feel"

I first saw Janelle Monae live in New Orleans on Halloween during their Dirty Computer tour. Their sets and costumes were out of this world. I’d always loved their music, but witnessing their energy and voice in person is something I’ll never forget. The show was incredible and listening to this song always takes me back to that moment in the crowd staring up at the stage. At the end of the show Janelle spoke in earnest to the crowd about what it meant to be a queer Black person in this world. They talked about real struggle, how important community is, and challenged everyone to get out and vote. It was the first time I’d ever seen a musician do something like that. I continue to travel back to that moment and be inspired.

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Calvin Harris Featuring Frank Ocean and Migos - "Slide"

I think any song these artists collaborate on would be a favorite of mine — what a combination of talent! I love seeing creative collaborations like this and Frank Ocean is an all time favorite. This song also hits that perfect place between smooth and high energy, when it comes on I always find myself moving.

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Willow - "Wait a Minute!"

Willow’s music takes me to another dimension. My dad told me once when I was a kid that sometimes the best songs are songs you don’t like at first, but you can’t stop listening to. That’s how this song is for me, I think I put it on one day and have played it every day since. It’s probably my favorite of hers. With interdimensional lyrics and ethereal rock sounds it always makes me feel a little bit spacey.

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Skip Marley and H.E.R. - "Slow Down"

When I first got to the islands, I fell in love with the music. I spent a year winding my way through island reggae and pop and ended up with a few tunes to capture my favorite feelings. This song is the perfect groovy romance song, it calls to my mind dancing on a warm beach in the moonlight, palm trees swaying in a breeze. Both their voices are so beautiful, I feel a part of the moment they share with each other through the music. It reminds me of love and beauty in the world.

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Featured image: Andi Astra, founder of SpookyGirl (C) Rusty Daughtery / Andi Astra / SpookyGirl