by Ryan G. Murray

[This is the first in a series of poems described by the poet as “the story is of a mythical figure that sympathises with those with mental health issues and the challenges they face.” Unique in the modern age as including a protagonist and a format of the type rarely seen since the days of the Classic Epic Poets, we look forward to publishing continued episodes of THE DREAM CATCHER in Honeysuckle Magazine.Daniel Rumanos]

Under dark stars and during sleepless nights,

They twist and turn in their beds,

For the dark thoughts that plaque their troubled minds,

Renews the fear that brings those tortured souls

To cry out against the night,

“Listen… Help me… Understand”


Ah! Such sorrow I feel for those,

Whose scares go unseen for so long,

And many tears I have shed for the ones

Who can not control the pain,

Voluntarily give themselves unto death,

Without receiving a kind word to console them

For it often appears,

That no other soul could possibly understand,

And the lonely ones, the name that I prescribed to them,

Are often met with little more than censure,

And those who should at least be at least obliged to care,

Are all but preoccupied or unwilling to make time

* Ryan G. Murray is a UK based short story writer and spoken word performer. He is currently working on his first anthology of poems, to be entitled His Work To See. *