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Soho museum The House of Cannabis (THC NYC) recently announced its new partnership and delivery program with one of New York's first licensed dispensaries, Union Square Travel Agency: A Cannabis Store (USQTA). On October 6th, THC NYC unveiled its cannabis delivery kiosks, where consumers can place orders from product lineups provided by USQTA. Though it’s not exactly a “cannabis vending machine,” this groundbreaking collaboration is the first time in the state’s history that a dispensary has a dedicated retail kiosk available to the public.

With the retailer’s own designated space enclosed in the building's first floor, museum-goers and curious visitors alike can take a stroll over to the white and red kiosks and order from a fine selection of cannabis products. 

USQTA's dedicated section at THC NYC, complete with retail kiosks (left)(C) Elara Montana / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @elara_montana

THC NYC And Union Square Travel Agency Launch New York's First Cannabis Retail Kiosks

Bringing Accessibility to the Space, Visitors Can Now Get Their Hands On Premium Plant at the Touch of Their Fingertips. 

Matt Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer of THC NYC, says, “The idea is really to make cannabis delivery more accessible. So the idea of the kiosk is anybody can come in, hang out in the retail space, go over to the kiosk order for delivery and it'll be here within the hour.” 

With items being delivered directly from USQTA’s location in Union Square, guests can now start their visits by ordering any products they wish to purchase from the dispensary. Then, within the hour—leaving plenty of time to explore its many exhibits and rooms in the meantime—they will get a notification sent to their phone that their items are ready for pick up. 

 The THC NYC partnership with Union Square Travel Agency opens doors for its many visitors to further immerse themselves within the cannabis space. 

The "grow room" exhibit inside THC NYC (C) Elara Montana / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @elara_montana

What Are THC NYC And Union Square Travel Agency's Leaders Saying About The Cannabis Retail Kiosk Partnership?

THC NYC’s Chief Executive Officer David Goldburg stated in a press release, “With full legalization in place and legal retailers opening across the city, we believe this partnership supports the growth of an emerging industry. It is a beautiful alignment of plant-touching and ancillary cannabis businesses working together.”

Paul Yau, CEO of USQTA, added, “We've been a fan of the House of Cannabis since it opened, and like us, they want their guests to explore the cannabis plant, products, and community in the most memorable and educational way possible. Helping people navigate impactful cannabis experiences is what we're known for, and offering delivery to THC guests is a great example of how cannabis hospitality will look moving forward. We're proud to be working with [THC NYC] to make this happen."

THC NYC's "The Green Room"(C) Elara Montana / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @elara_montana

Cannabis Delivery And Onsite Consumption? THC NYC's "The Green Room"

The New Delivery System Paves the Way For an All New Communal Lounge Space. 

While this collaboration is an exciting one for the museum, it is but a stepping stone for THC NYC as they gear up to open an all-new lounge space on the fifth floor of their building; affectionately called “The Green Room.”

Cohen says, ”Our goal with this is to bring creatives here, you know, almost like the Soho House, but with the ability to consume and hang out together. We want this to be a safe place where people can come hang out, really get together, and not feel like they're being judged.”

The space will offer individuals the chance to work, relax and converse as they consume the plant. With a goal aimed at being the “epitome of collaboration,” according to Cohen, THC NYC continues to push towards creating a space for consumers and casual lovers to connect with one-another and create within the space. 

“We are really just leaving that elevator as like an open door policy for people that want to pop in,” says Cohen. 

(C) Elara Montana / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @elara_montana

What's Next For THC NYC And When Can You Get Union Square Travel Agency's Cannabis Products Delivered?

Enjoy Your Hand Delivered Products and Experience the “The Green Room” Now.

While memberships for the museum will not be available until the upcoming year, all of those who purchase a general admission ticket will be able to have access to the fifth floor where they can consume their USQTA  products, and have a more immersive experience. 

Cohen explains, “The idea is to buy a ticket to the museum and get access to the lounge, then they get the whole experience. They can come up here; they can consume.” 

Meanwhile, museum tickets and entry fees are not required for guests simply to use the USQTA kiosks on the first floor. Delivery from the dispensary is available during THC NYC’s operating hours Wednesday through Sunday, from 11AM to 6:30PM.

For more information about THC NYC, visit To learn more about Union Square Travel Agency, visit


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