What began as a simple medical tool is about to make your daily grind a lot easier. This Friday, October 19th, marks the official launch of the world’s first-ever fingertip grinder from Sticky Fingrs, a young New Jersey-based company dedicated to helping people live better with small but essential innovative products. Read on to learn more about their unique mission and how to attend their New York City launch party (in a very mysterious spot).

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“Not everyone has full use of their hands,” says Karl Horvat, Sticky Fingrs’ Chief Operating Officer. “That’s something I think a lot of people take for granted… The best part is [in doing that] we unknowingly created a couple of products that can be used in a variety of markets other products can’t.”

Sticky Fingrs’ breakout product is its two-piece silicon herbal grinder, which allows users to break materials using their fingertips without the heavy physical exertion or intricate dexterity that normal metal grinders require. Initially developed for medical cannabis users, the Sticky Fingrs grinder is geared toward patients who may lack the motor control to contend with the more common four-piece devices. For those suffering from muscle spasms, joint pain, or other limiting conditions, it’s a great way to refine larger buds into smooth bits; you can get your preferred delivery method of medicine without hurting yourself to grind. (And it’s a hit, pun intended, with the recreational crowd too.)

“Cannabis is a naturally-occurring substance that can degrade,” Horvat notes as he explains why grinders are necessary in the first place. “It can grow mold if you don’t take care of it. The best viable option is to store your cannabis, make sure your medicine or recreational substance is protected before you use it. We’re amped to share that knowledge.”

Eighteen months ago Horvat and colleagues Jack Pounce and Justin Bergman were sitting around a kitchen table wondering why cannabis grinders couldn’t be operated with one hand. When Bergman conceived a design that would comfortably fit two fingers and a thumb, the three friends realized they had lightning in a bottle. They immediately went into business together, Pounce becoming Chief Executive Officer and Bergman Director of Sales and Marketing in addition to Horvat as COO. Since that time, the Sticky Fingrs team has been market-testing and soft-launching their revolutionary product. They’ve made a splash in the cannabis sector, completely selling out their inventory at the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, D.C. this spring (among other achievements) and partnering with the esteemed packaging supplier Liberty Storage Bags.

“We met them at our first time at CannaGather,” Pounce recalls, name-dropping New York’s largest cannabis industry networking organization. “They were talking about their bags at the beginning of the presentation. I arrived late myself, caught the middle of it, and saw [Horvat] looking back at me going, ‘This could be the solution to our packaging problems.’ We’d had a low-scale budget for packaging… It was simple, but it wasn’t innovative or captivating to the eye, whereas Liberty Bags offered so much.”

“Ten months later, we’re able to sell regular-sized Liberty Bags with our own branding,” Horvat adds.

As the cannabis markets expand in their local New Jersey and throughout the United States, the Sticky Fingrs founders see more opportunity for success than ever before. (In fact, half of the interest in their products has come from international clients, and they offer wholesale options.) Yet they’ve also been surprised to discover demand for their product in countless unrelated sectors.

“We had a restaurant that was looking to break up their spicy chilies,” Pounce remarks. “The chilies were so spicy that they were just going through their gloves. So our grinders act as protection for the fingertips because they have the silicon in there.”

“Grandmothers of our friends ask us for them so they can cut spices and fresh herbs from their gardens,” Horvat comments. “The applications are definitely broader than we first thought and wider for more people to enjoy.”

So those folks searching for a user-friendly grinder – even if you don’t consume cannabis – can rest easy. Sticky Fingrs has a truly universal product, to the point that their two sizes (small and large) fit all and get the job done in a pinch. Look for new additions to the lineup within the next year that will be designed to work interchangeably, providing further options for any demographic to adopt them. And while Sticky Fingrs might just take over the world soon, the power behind this company is the same homegrown love as the day of its creation.

“Because we manufacture in China and partner with Liberty Bags in the U.S.A., we place both orders and piece it together ourselves, sometimes on weekends,” Pounce states. “We take these separate parts and get the packaging done so we have enough shipments at the door ready when orders come in.”

“It’s a team effort,” Horvat says. “In a year and a half from our inception, to have a product that’s being prototyped, manufactured, and brought to market by three guys pretty much all in their spare time, we’re very proud of that.”

He goes on to mention that the feedback from medical patients is still their driving force:

We had a lady who had just sprained her wrist come up to our booth in D.C. She tried [our grinder] with the hand that hurt and it worked perfectly. That was one of those wow moments. You spend the entire day helping people who have no issues, and then you come across the one person this product was meant to help, and it does. I have a childhood friend who injured himself in an accident and lost a lot of mobility in his arm. I reconnected with him and originally he thought a grinder was something he’d never use. Now he uses our grinders every day.

If you’re intrigued by Sticky Fingrs’ mission, don’t miss your chance to party with them this Friday night! A secret location in NYC will house the launch of their celebrated grinder. Attendees can enjoy an open bar, limited-edition merchandise, garden games and networking, music, free tincture drops by edibles/drinkables brand Spleef, and – what else? – finger food.

The Sticky Fingrs official launch is Friday, October 19, 2018 from 8PM-12AM in New York City. Only guests ages 21 and older may attend. For tickets and more information, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sticky-fingrs-launch-party-tickets-50822033069. Secret location details will be revealed to ticketholders on the day of the event.

For more information about Sticky Fingrs and how to order grinders, visit stickyfingrs.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.