Stella Bouzakis got our hearts, and libidos, pumping with her sultry depictions of anonymous women and the sensuous female form. So much so, that we chose her drawings for the cover and interior images of our second digital issue, "Le Sexx."

Editor-in-chief Royal Young, sat down with the adorable artist (and makeup artist) to inquire about her saucy depictions.

HS: Why do you only draw women? What draws you to the female form?

SB: It's funny because I'm not too sure! I've always drawn hot chicks since I could remember! I just think I always wanted to draw out these cool, fashionable, kick-ass women to look up to. It was the 90's and girl power was huge and that was definitely a big influence but of course it's evolved since then. Now I think it's more to shine a light on all the women that are different and beautiful. It's crazy because I'm seeing the "social norms" that used to define beauty changing right before my eyes and I'd like to think its because of people like me drawing or speaking up for women and empowering them! Showing society that you can find beauty in everyone not just rail thin models.HS: Do you think all women are beautiful?

SB: Duh! Physically you can't compare us to anything else! But that can change in an instant if you're a mean bitch. So be nice ladies!HS: What's your artistic background?SB: I've been told that I was drawing before I could talk and I haven't stopped since! I did go to art school though, I was accepted to Laguardia HS for music and art as a visual arts major and it introduced me to all mediums. And for college I went to Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) for graphic design until I changed majors out of art completely. I didn't want to rely on my artistic skills for money. I think that's when I stopped drawing for fun. I'm also a make up artist and having an extensive artistic background has really helped me excel in this too.

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