The world is continuously evolving and musical instruments are not exempted. Their acoustic counterparts now have an electric version making it more diverse to adapt with the current music trends. For example, classical cellos were invented in the 16th century, and in the 30s, the electric cello was introduced which creates a variety of sounds and possibilities to experiment on different music genres.

If you’re contemplating whether to start your cello journey in buying a classical or the electric one, we listed some points you should know. This article discusses both classical and electric cello’s advantages and disadvantages:

Pros and Cons of Classical Cello

Some people still prefer the classical cello because it has simple features and is very handy to use. Also, along with the benefits it has are the complications or downsides. Below are the following things to consider regarding classical cello:


  • Easy to use
  • Create rich tones in a secluded area
  • Classic styles/designs
  • Fancied by people who likes classical orchestra concert


  • A higher range of payment from $2,000 to $10,000
  • Prone to temperature changes
  • Not durable enough to avoid a terrible crash
  • Huge figure

Pros and Cons of Electric Cello

There are also musicians who prefer the electric cello because of the unique sounds it produces. Listed below are the pros and cons of electric cellos you should take note of:


  • Can be used in different genres aside from classical
  • Less expensive
  • Travel-friendly because of thinner size
  • Less likely to get damaged


  • Do not produce the same quality of tone as the classical ones.
  • People rarely use Electric Cello in the orchestra.
  • Amplifiers are part of Electric Cellos’ accessories needed to produce a louder sound; unlike this specific instrument, Classical Cello makes enough noise without the use of such addition.

The edge of electric cello over the classical cello

Electric cellos, although a bit more complex, are more comfortable to use than the classic ones. Aside from that, it is much easier to use electric cellos when recording the tune created compared to the classical cello. Learning the effects or notable features of electric cello is also a must because it can make different tunes. Aside from these, an electric cello may be played silently using your headphones so you can practice without disturbing others.


In conclusion, electric cello has its unique characteristics. It is beautiful and relevant in its own way. If you want to try something away from the usual, an electric cello might be perfect for you, not only does it produce a distinct sound, you can also bring it with a lot less hassle. While there are a lot of online tutorials available, you can also opt to hire a professional cello teacher to effectively learn the instrument.