In a mere few days, according to Celtic legends, the boundaries between this world and the ethereal, supernatural realm will fade. It’s time to don webs and spiders, wander graveyards, and watch the leaves turn.  Something about Fall makes us feel a certain kind of way–crisp and cold, on the verge, swept up by a time of transition and cusp.

It’s a crucial time and one of the strangest Octobers we’ve had in a while. The election is looming and with Covid-19 cases surging in most states, normalcy feels like it has lost its meaning. We at Honeysuckle are doing our best to keep ourselves creatively inspired and engaged. Below you will find a list of Honeysuckle’s art recommendations for this month; from books and film to help you embrace the hallows eve darkness, podcasts to keep you politically engaged, and music to make to feel all spooked out and wistful, as appropriate.  

When Nietzsche Wept by Irvin D. Yalom 

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a trove of ingenious if tortured philosophical quandaries look no further than this fascinating, immersive novel. Part fact-based, part-fiction, the narrative follows the treatment of renowned philosopher Nietzsche’s mental illness by Dr. Breur. What begins as treatment quickly turns into meditations on existentialism, the inherent complexities of the human condition and their myriad, sometimes bizarre manifestations in human psychology and behavior. We recommend devouring the novel in a couple of settings and looking up at the overcast sky while you ruminate on philosophy, sadness and weeping.

Sheer Mag

We love a good Philly punk band; We especially love tunes that taste sweet but goes down bitter and Sheer Mag’s tunes are just that—electric, grungy and catchy with impactful lyrics and raspy vocals. “Nobody’ Baby” and “Silver Line” are some of our favorite tracks. We recommend throwing on some Sheer Mag as you take a witchy, socially distanced stroll around your neighborhood.


Directed by Zu Quirke and starring Sydney SweeneyMadison IsemanJacques Colimon, the pressures and complexities of the high school performing arts environment are brought to life in this supernatural thriller, when one twin begins aggressively competing with the other for acclaim.

Subtly eerie and culminating in an unsettling and revelatory last scene, Nocturne is both an examination of complex dynamics between siblings and a metaphor for larger narratives surrounding success, fame, desire, and hunger, complete with creepy notebooks and intense, low-key possessed classical music playing.

James Turrell

But who doesn’t want to step into a giant ball of light and disappear? James Turrell is well known for creating his installations of light and color that immerse viewers into silent light scapes and distant visions of nature. Have a scroll through his work and check out this video. Ain’t nothing spookier than losing all sense of self and submerging in a consciousness of pure light.

Whitney Houston’s Crypt

Nothing like some good scream-o from time to time. Whitney Houston’s Crypt are the perfect level of angst mixed with gothic intensity. We suggest you make yourself a few drinks, spill them on the floor, walk around in your doc martens so they’re very sticky and act like your adobe is the very personification of grunge.

Charcoal Martinis

You may have scoffed at the charcoal trend and we don’t necessarily blame you although no one can deny that the notion of adding activated charcoal to anything is subterranean, futuristic, ashy, primordial, and supremely creepy. Unearth that velvet cloak and follow this recipe for the perfect Hibiscus and Ash Martini. Sip into the early hours of the morning and ascertain the weigh and wisps of the fog.


Stay safe, stay hydrated, keep ya mask on, please vote, take care of each other, and enjoy!