In the past 10 months of living through the coronavirus pandemic and the “new normal” it has brought on, many things that once were as commonplace as anything else in the world have quickly shifted into post-lockdown pipe dreams that can exist only in a future of vaccinations and herd immunity. Perhaps the most glaring example of this is music, with attending crowded venues for concerts and dancing seeming more like an ancient memory each day.

When new music is released, it serves as an optimistic reminder that all of this will return and jumping up and down in unison with thousands of fellow music lovers once more is not an absurd fantasy. The latest of these good-vibe reminders comes from Soleil, whose new single “Whose Side?” elicits dreams of returning to crowded clubs and dancing the night away.

Soleil’s “Whose Side” Combines Techno and Soul

“Whose Side?” is Soleil’s first new song of 2021, offering a glimpse into the year of boundary-pushing and musical experimentation she has ahead of her such as songs with the likes of Jackie’s Boy and Jay Burna. The new song is at once new and familiar territory for Soleil, combining her soulful and enticing vocals and production skills with a more techno-inspired sound that deviates from her past work. Soleil draws inspiration from the popular UK dance scene on “Whose Side?” to great effect, creating a club jam to rival any new songs being released within the genre.

“Whose Side?” and its multifaceted meaning arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, providing a refreshing take on romance and relationships perfect for the month of love. According to Soleil, “Whose Side?” is open to several interpretations, from choosing whether to keep trying with a relationship, to choosing to accept and embrace people for all that they are, to internal struggles within oneself.

Music for Fans of All Genres

Soleil is no stranger to musical versatility, with songs ranging in influence from blues and hip-hop to pop and soul. Hailing from New York and currently living in Miami, Soleil’s diversity of sound and location has aided her on stage across the nation as she builds up an audience of fans of numerous genres. Truly, Soleil’s music has something for everyone.

Expanding her horizons with the catchy and memorable “Whose Side?” and its unique take on relationships, Soleil’s first song of the new year feels undeniably like a key piece in the origin story of a radio-dominating star.