Celeste Mittman is a born and raised New Yorker with 16 years of cannabis consumption experience. She's incredibly passionate about all things cannabis. When she’s not writing reviews, she’s working at Veriheal, helping patients across the country obtain safe and legal access to their medicine. She is a living representation of the healing power of cannabis and enjoys educating people on how it can similarly benefit their lives.

Recently, the advocate and connoisseur sampled the "Sensational Sun-Grown Sensimilla" pack from Solful, a Northern California cannabis brand known for its sustainable cultivation practices that focus on regenerative and community-oriented agriculture. Solful partners with several small and family-owned farms located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, the country's best region for growing cannabis. Celeste also enjoyed Jolly Rancher from award-winning brand Ganja Pigs.

Here were Celeste's takes on this collection - read on to see how she suggests you roll.

(C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

Celeste Reviews Solful's Sensational Sun-Grown Cannabis Flower

All About Solful Flower

Every single product I have tried from this company has been nothing but OUTSTANDING. Thoughtfully sourced, rich in terpenes, and beautifully packaged, with an easily understandable categorization system, enhancing the classic “Indica, Sativa, Hybrid.” All flower has been finely ground using the HOJ grinder - great Danish smoking products!

Solful's Sensational Sun-Grown Sensimilla Pack, plus Jolly Rancher by Ganja Pigs, plus the HOJ Grinder (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

"Unwinding" Indica: DRG5 By Briceland Forest Farms, 23% THC

This cultivar was an all-around profoundly relaxing experience. It releases tension in the body, leaving you feeling present and creatively clear, yet deeply relaxed. It lives up to its label -"unwinding." The initial pull reveals a delightful peanut butter cup flavor. I suggest this for people with anxiety. No racing thoughts and no rapid heartbeat!

HOJ Grinder (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

"Unwinding" Indica: Pixie Dust By Esensia Gardens, 26% THC

Speechless about this flower. Can’t stop smelling it. I want to take a bath in a tub full of these nugs -  hints of menthol but with a sweetness of fruity pebbles and the warmth of a summer breeze. The aftertaste is reminiscent of jello and woody soap. Smoking this out of my Mighty vape, the hits are incredibly smooth, and the inhale tastes of fresh flowers. I could smoke this one cultivar for the rest of my life.

Solful "Balancing" Hybrid nugs, #3 by Canna Country Farms (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

"Balancing" Hybrid: #3 By Canna Country Farms, 23% THC

Incredible nug structure, hard dense nugs, no give at all when squeezed. This smells like incense when ground up, notes of coconut mixed with soil on the inhale. Using as a wake and bake provides a sturdy, even high. This one’s a great way to start the day!

"Balancing" Hybrid: Coyote Blue By Alpenglow Farms, 18% THC

This one has a much lower THC percentage than I usually smoke. However, the flower is not devoid of terps and still has incredibly strong effects. Great for midday, this cultivar is a great display that % doesn’t matter. It’s all about the way it makes you feel!  For me this provided an even steady high.

Solful Prerolls (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

Celeste Reviews Solful's Prerolls Featuring Sensational Sun-Grown Cannabis

"Unwinding" Indica: Strawberry Banana Prerolls

YOU CAN TASTE THE STRAWBERRY! The taste of these prerolls are reminiscent of an Abita strawberry beer. exceptionally tasty; when you the open the box, the smell blasts into your face.

"Balancing" Hybrid: Papaya Bomb Prerolls

These prerolls create a nice chill high, truly balancing, functional without being a heavy blanket high. It’s super calming, without inducing sleepiness. Easy to make conversation and enjoy time with friends while smoking these.

"Uplifting" Sativa: Pink Boost Goddess Prerolls

These prerolls have a very unique fragrance. A distinct sativa smell with a high pitch nose. It tastes like tulips and fresh flowers when smoking.

Jolly Rancher by Ganja Pigs (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

Jolly Rancher By Ganja Pigs

Fruity and gassy. Strain starts with a clearheaded high and moves into a very relaxing couch-lock vibe. Nice for unwinding after work or watching TV. Reach for this and count on experiencing great effects every time you light it up.

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Celeste Mittman relaxes in nature with the Sensational Sun-Grown Sensimilla pack from Solful and Jolly Rancher by Ganja Pigs (C) Celeste Mittman @cannalest

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