Miami-based singer-songwriter Soleil is back with a new music video for “Whose Side?” Soleil released the single last month and has since garnered over 40k streams, with the new video primed to keep the momentum in motion.

“Whose Side?” is a club-ready pop song—produced in part by Soleil—that showcases her versatile skills as a musician. These skills that are further displayed in the music video for which Soleil served as the co-creative director.

Solieil’s “Whose Side?” Music Video

The video matches the wild-night-out mood of the song; it’s all neon lights on city streets and staying up all night. Soleil bounces from one location to the next, from eating in a diner to dancing through the streets to kicking back at a house party.

It is a dreamy vibe that speaks to the heart of any young person looking to enjoy the exhilarating freedom of city life, also infused with Soleil’s wild artistic spirit. In between the shots of her partying through Miami, Soleil intersperses stark clips of herself against a solid white background while wearing various wigs and faces of makeup.

These shots begin to transition between each other with PowerPoint-like effects that recall the best cheesy-computer-effect music of the 2000s videos like Foo Fighters’ “Times Like These.”

The “Whose Side?” Music video is the latest of a string of planned releases Soleil in 2021. Her upcoming projects and collaborations promise to make the future brighter for a star on the rise.