Frank Bell’s New Single  “Absence”

“If absence makes the heart stronger / I can wait a little longer for you,” croons Frank Bell on his new single “Absence.” These painfully direct lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of wanting somebody who doesn’t want you back so desperately that you’re willing to put your life on hold for them.

Bell is a singer, songwriter, and artist sticking to the tried-and-true method of uploading music videos to the Internet to promote his work and have a creative outlet. This process has established a sizable following for the young artist. Bell has thousands of social media followers and video views continue to give his content momentum.

In his new song “Absence,” Bell grapples with the pain of unrequited love and waiting in vain for somebody to come back. Featuring emotional lyricism and soulful vocals, the song’s moodiness is set against the backdrop of subdued piano and ambient noise that slowly builds throughout.

“Absence” Lyric Video

Despite the heartbreaking subject matter, the sound is altogether soothing, and pairs with the song’s new lyric video for a hypnotic effect. In stop motion style, sketchbook-like drawings and cutouts flow hither and thither across the screen and carry the lyrics along in a pleasant display of Bell’s well-rounded artistic talent.

Whether it is through  putting brush to canvas or pen to paper, Frank Bell’s artistic output mirrors the creative spirit we all hoped to find while stuck inside for a year.  With the end of the pandemic looming on the horizon, Frank Bell’s future only looks brighter with the return of live music, art galleries, and any other kind of showcase that he can and will probably excel at.