It is surprising how many trials I have survived at the age of 45. So much has happened, both good and bad, that it has molded me and helped shape my journey as a daughter, mother, citizen, and a neighbor.

Why Vote Shawanna Vaughn for Harlem in the New York State Assembly?

As a resident of Harlem, I understand what many of those who are trying to help you do not know. It is difficult to overcome life when you had no say in the circumstances. You were born to broke parents; you were born in poverty and you have never had equal opportunity. People are looking your way thinking they have encouraged you to move forward, however, with money and services in hand, you are still stuck. Sure, you can eat better today, but as surely as you live, white bread and assistance will run their course. I understand an empty plate and a closed door. I can relate to some of life’s worst circumstances.

For all the money, donations and government assistance awarded, why isn’t the possibility of a better life evident? What is it that we need to know to come out of the proverbial hole and never look back. Once I made my way out, I continued running and never stepped in that hole again. I can relate to what it takes to move your life from the gutter to the gate. It’s been hard, I had help but somehow it happened. I caught a vision and I have not let it go and I never will.

We are born under different circumstances, sometimes with hope to overcome and somedays there is no hope at all. Walk down any neighborhood and you will find a combination of poverty, wealth, homelessness and/or mental illness. How do we improve the quality of life for those whom we cannot relate?

Commitment, Courage, Hard Work, and Understanding

I believe it takes commitment, courage, hard work and understanding. With the proper assistance and guidance, it is possible to turn life around. Its never easy, but if we work hard, encourage each other, I believe we can make a difference in our communities.

I am asking for your support as I campaign to serve you as Assemblywoman for New York District #70. If you cannot donate please contact my office for other campaign needs. I need workers throughout the voting area.


Support Shawanna Vaughn for New York State Assembly, 70th District by attending her press conference on Sunday, March 27 at 1PM EST, at the Lincoln Statue on 2123 Madison Avenue. For more information, follow @SilentcrySV on Twitter.