From coast to coast, across the nation, across borders, and across oceans, New Years’ Eve saw the disturbing protests of anti-maskers outside hospitals treating COVID-19 patients in critical conditions. Chanting over and again, “COVID is a hoax,” these protesters are either too quick to forget or are so far lost in their own echo chambers that the virus has had devastating effects not only on the medical staff and patients, but their families alike.

Founded during the height of COVID-19, Ipsetic is a high quality online apparel, accessory, and print brand that seeks to both elevate, empower, and unite women in the healthcare and medical industries. The brand creates t-shirts with unique prints inspired by women on the frontlines to embrace the individuality of every woman beneath every white lab coat. 

Running around wearing trash bags and masks holding on only by a string (much like the rest of the world at this time) is inevitably a dehumanizing experience for women on call for an egregious amount of hours fighting a downhill battle. 

As a U.S. Army veteran, Jennifer Philogene created Ipsetic intending to amplify and celebrate the grit that women in healthcare embody. International state of emergency or no, underneath the title is a woman who chose to be in the service of others, cause no harm, and inevitably make personal sacrifices in the process: late nights, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, the whole gambit.

Philogene shares that “Ipsetic emphasizes the importance of being seen and recognized for the hard work that doesn’t stop or start with work or family—it’s all of it.”

When in others’ service, it can make all the difference in the world to be seen, to be a priority. Instead of just another person walking around with a stethoscope wrapped around their neck, these women are real-life superheroes, often going without thanks and recognition.

With headquarters based in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, Ipsetic sets out to challenge the norms and stereotypes held over women. Recognizing the trials and tribulations of women both in and out of medical and healthcare studies and careers, founder and South Florida native Jennifer Philogene established the brand to come to the aid of such awe inspiring women. As a U.S. Army Veteran now working in medicine, Jennifer herself has experienced the overwhelming complexities that seem insurmountable while trying to create stability within her personal home life and career in medicine.

As frontline workers and medical staff line up to be inoculated with the long awaited Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, new tensions arise as fake news and conspiracy theories including impotency and microchipping ripple throughout the public sphere and inspiring fear.

To battle such fears many frontline workers have documented the experience of receiving the vaccine across social media. Every step of the process from injection to short and long-term side effects is uploaded to platforms including TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram to ease tensions within an especially high-tension moment.

Hospital staff are so overwhelmed and desperate for help that frontline workers are from other departments, within other specialities, and even those in retirement are clocking in to respond. 

Fully aware of the existing challenges as well as the ones that lay ahead, Ipsetic models itself after its customers with values that include leading with empathy and compassion in how they set out to create a community and serve their target customer’s needs. Ipsetic products are created with the intention of reducing burdens to encourage women on the frontlines to be resilient in fighting this virus and maintaining every personal and unique integrity.

Believing fully in the impact of purpose-forward business and hoping to inspire the inception of many others to come, Philogene notes “If everything and everyone looks the same and thinks the same, then nothing ever really changes.”

Creating a community with their virtual “I Am” campaign, Ipsetic seeks to bring women on the frontlines together by lifting each other up with the words of encouragement, shared experiences, and compassion to keep on going and keep moving forward. Through invigoratingly inspiring stories transparently shared by the Ipsetic community, Philogene believes that strong women are stronger together.

Women on the frontlines during this international pandemic are the soul of this nation, driving us forward in hope, love, and sacrifice. If Ipsetic can be a small piece of what drives them forward through recognition and love, there is no doubt that empowered women will see us through to the other side.