A few decades ago, climate change wasn’t taken seriously. People thought these were just bogus accusations against big companies in order to ruin their reputation and jeopardize their financial future. Today, climate change is much more difficult to counter, especially when its effects are so apparent in the drastic changes to our environment.

In spite of these issues, climate change deniers still exist and many still do not advocate for a move away from the key causes of climate change. With individuals left to battle these disastrous consequences, scientists are now crucial to slowing down and battling the climate epidemic. Scientists possess the requisite knowledge about climate changeespecially its connection to colonialism and big corporations—and promote a green lifestyle in order to create a better and safer world for all of us, so here are a few things they can accomplish in the future.


Image: Markus Spiske

Getting informed and understanding the effects of climate change is vital. This is the only way to reduce the negative effects of climate change, and that’s something scientists are focusing on the most. While many people are now aware of issues such as greenhouse emissions, global carbon dioxide levels, and how to help your immediate environment survive these changes, many people are still unaware that “emissions from chemical fertilizers and degenerative farming practices are central to global warming”, which is something John Roulac and Will Allen know very well.

Regenerative agriculture is all about protecting our food and our soil by introducing a new way of thinking into old practices. This approach focuses on biodiversity the most and, due to that, it comes with a number of benefits – from improving the quality of soil all over the world and boosting the quality of water around us to helping us create healthy food in less time. That’s something Roulac and Allen are experts in, and their approach to regenerative agriculture might be changing the paradigm for good, enabling us to get even better results in the future.

Scientists are always working on finding new solutions to climate change and new energy sources. The greatest thing about scientists is that these people never give up – at least until they find the solution to the problem they’re exploring. That’s why they’re always pushing things forward and working on new ideas that could have a massive effect on the entire world. And precisely because they’re so relentless, patient, and determined we have so many new developments in the area of eco-friendliness every single year.

One of the most exciting researches out there at the moment is certainly the one conducted by a team of scientists under the supervision of Professor Wang Zhonglin from the Georgia Institute of Technology. These people are exploring huge possibilities of a wonderful triboelectric nanogenerator that can produce energy from slippery surfaces, taking the entire concept of alternative energy into a new direction. This is definitely the way to move on with these energy sources and this inspiration research can make a real difference in the future. Some of the other exciting new developments you should be aware of include minimizing the negative effects of greenhouse emissions, slowing down glacier retreats, reversing the process of temperature rising, investing in reforestation, and finding new ways to help all individuals make the most of the solar potential and wind power that are available to them in their own homes.

This is another amazing development in the field of science designed to protect us from ourselves. Since most people are still in denial regarding climate changes and don’t want to admit that they’re doing anything wrong, they’re continuing to act irresponsibly and enhance the negative effects of these changes. They don’t listen to anyone telling them that they need to change their behavior, and they don’t really believe that they could be doing anything differently. Luckily, we have scientists who are showing us how wrong we are.

While corporations may be the big polluters, individuals do bear some responsibility and have the ability to make incorporate science into their lives for the betterment of the planet. Probably the best way to do so is to become an environmentally-aware person who embraces sustainability and eco-friendliness as a way of life. Many of these initiatives and choices not only benefit the world but also ones health and sense of wellbeing as well as saving money in some instances. 

It is important to follow scientific panels that are talking about latest developments and discoveries and learning more about climate change resilience, investing in the greener future, making the most of your government financial support to help your local community, spreading the word about climate change, and building a sustainable infrastructure that will help us repeat the entire process again and again in the future – find those that work for you the most, and start changing your life one step at a time with the help of the aforementioned ideas.

One of the reasons why our planet is in such huge trouble at the moment is our irresponsible use of energy resources. This isn’t putting just our entire generation in jeopardy, but it’s also creating potential problems for all future generations and endangering their lives even before they’re born. That’s why scientists are always looking for new energy sources and alternatives that might make a change.

Unfortunately, most people believe that none of this is true, which is why they’re not taking anything seriously, still damaging the environment around them. However, that’s a sure way into a disaster, and that’s what today’s leading scientists are saying, warning us, according to a recent study, that we need to make a change. That’s why we actually realize that massive energy production causes massive problems for the entire world. Doing that isn’t easy, but it’s manageable and it’s something we all need, so get involved as soon as possible and be the change you want to create.

The crucial thing is rethinking our energy sources. In the end, one of the best ways to slow down climate change is making the most of all that solar power that’s available to us. In the end, look at it this way: it’s already here, so why not use it? Introducing solar power into your life might take a while and could be rather hard, but if you make a proper plan and stick to it, you could become involved in the solar revolution more easily than you’ve imagined.

Image: Unsplash

What’s great is that this is a long-term investment that will definitely change your life forever. Moreover, if you have enough time, energy, and money to install solar panels, converters, batteries, and other equipment in your home right now, your kids and grandkids could be producing solar energy as well! And once you do that, all your neighbors are going to start copying you and trying to be just like you, so don’t be afraid to encourage them and keep spreading the spirit of sustainability everywhere around you.

Climate change may have started small but has rapidly escalated to the point that it can no longer be ignored. This means that most of these negative effects could’ve been avoided if we just reacted on time, but we didn’t. From gas emissions to those massive fires that are destroying entire areas and endangering people’s lives – we could’ve done something differently and stopped things before it was too late. Now, we have to live with the consequences of our own actions and the only thing we can do is listen to scientists who are telling us how to change our behavior in order to avoid future catastrophes.

Even though most of us are unaware of what scientists in laboratories around the globe are doing every single day, what we need to remember is that they’re creating majestic things. Battling climate changes has never been easy, but this fight is now harder than ever, which is why we need to respect what those amazing people are doing and try to incorporate their ideas into our lives as soon as we can. After all, if that doesn’t happen, the future of our planet might be at stake, and that’s something we just can’t allow!