In a world increasingly inundated by advertisements where everything—including people—is for sale, the non-profit initiative #SAVEARTSPACE is taking back billboards across America and transforming them into spaces for bold, creative dreamers. I spoke with Justin Aversano, the Co-founder and Executive Director.

Royal Young: What does public art mean to you?

Justin Aversano: Public art is a democratic aesthetic expression, which is universally experienced by all who encounter various art forms in the public space.RY: Does art matter when it is not seen?JA: Visible or invisible, art may only matter to those who understand and appreciate it.RY: What inspired you to start SaveArtSpace?


JA: The initiative of saveartspace came from the realization that advertisement platforms were rapidly flooding the neighborhood. We aim to transform each billboard advertisement into a public art platform. For the people, and by the people!RY: How do you feel about advertisements? Are you attracted to billboards?JA: We feel inspired by billboards, we are attracted to the idea of utilizing these predominant infrastructures and making them more accessible to the public through art. Since after all, the boards are in the public space.RY: Should all art be larger than life?JA: There are no limitations to the size of ones creativity!

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