Comedian Nicole Byer guest judges as the final 8 queens lead a panel discussion at RuPaul’s Drag Con, bringing life to the hot topic of men.

Photobomb Mini Challenge

And then there were 8. In tonight’s mini challenge the queens were tasked with photobombing celebrity photos in the most vibrant and daring way possible. With only 15 mins to get in quick drag, there was lifted lace, lipstick mustaches, and not the most secure tucking. The queen that left the match $2,500 richer was none other than Willow Pill. She delivered a washed up Mary Lou Retton at the 1963 Olympics to photobomb 21st century Jake Gyllenhaal walking his dog.

Drag Con Maxi Challenge

RuPaul’s Drag Con is back and better than ever. Once again in person for its exclusive performance, endless shopping, star studded meet and greets and Mama Ru’s favorite part, the drag con panels. The competing queens have to execute RuPaul’s favorite part, leading an authentic and entertaining panel about men. With her mini challenge win, Willow has the advantage of picking her team and chooses Deja Skye, Angeria Paris VanMichael and Lady Camden. That left a team #leftovers of Daya Betty, Jasmine Kenndie, Bosco and Jorgeous.

Men: A work in Progress

In team first picks, moderated by Deja they titled the discussion “Men: A Work in Progress,” a self explanatory pick. The queens conversed on topics of “hot men, fatherhood and relationship and sex.” The topic of fatherhood dived into the lady’s personal lives. Angeria revealed her father was surprisingly accepting of her being gay and doing drag. While for Willow her dad passed away and they never got the chance to smooth their rocky relationship. To tie it all up, Lady Camden lefts us on the positive note that “pain is there” but in having discussions like these we can subside it for the rest of the world.

Men: Electric Boogaloo part 2

The leftovers, moderated by Bosco titled their panel “Electric Boogaloo part 2,” in reference to the 80’s breakdance musical. They discussed topics of “male privilege, toxic masculinity and hot men.” Bosco was the ideal moderator delivering joke after joke. The ladies got frisky sharing their turn-ons for men. Daya revealed the WWE wrestlers were her boyfriend muse, while Joegoues unveiled she likes big, board men that make her feel small. Bosco’s ability to be present in the conversation and simultaneously hilarious scored her the maxi win.

Are you Wearing Shoulder Pads?

The bigger the better definitely applied in this week’s shoulder pads runway. Deja was first to grace the stage in big block shoulders pads that upstaged her beige suit trimmed in black. Lady Camden was inspired by the nutcracker for her costume, removing the puppet head to become a beautiful temptress of the night. The mini winner Willow delivered business in the front, party in the back with spiked hair and a business suit.

Angeria looked to be the manifestation of a queen chess piece in her black and white pattern bodysuit. While Bosco was a neon blade runner in lingerie and a spiked shoulder yellow coat. Jorgeous channeled Selena and Prince in her glittery blue jumpsuit. Also in a jumpsuit was Jasmine but this time neon yellow with pointed shoulders. Daya switched it up and stood out from the rest of her competition in a GI Joe doll costume.

A Double Elimination?

Considering their group performance and individual runway looks the judges determined Deja, Willow, Bosco, Jorgeous, Jasmine, and Daya to be the tops and bottoms while Lady Camden and Angeria were safe.

Ultimately it was Joregous and Jasmine, in a battle of the J’s and jumpsuits, a battle of the dancers, a lip sync battle for life. This was Jasmine’s third lip sync and Joregous’ first but both queens were fighting with the gloves off. The classic “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” by Etta James was tonight’s do or die song. Heads flipped back and forth between Joregous and Jasmine because no queen held any advantage over the other in terms of skills. Mama Ru agreed telling both queens “shantay you stay” and the ladies watching on the sidelines, “this is how you lip sync for your life.” The saving grace golden bar is still out there and there are still 8 queens left in the competition, but not for long.

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