After last week's shocking Snatch Game, the Season 14 queens are ready to redeem themselves. Tonight's episode kicks off with the remaining contestants befuddled over the new twist: They need to get ready to lip sync for their lives (i.e., their spots in the competition). Say hello to the Lip Sync LaLaPaRUZa Smackdown!

Post-Snatch Game Drama

In the Werk Room, the queens try to process their latest experience. "We are all suffering the nuclear fallout that was Snatch Game," says Bosco.

While some contestants lament their embarrassment from the Snatch Game failure, others puzzle over what the lip sync will mean for the competition. Could more than one queen be sashaying away this week?

Meanwhile, Daya Betty decides to stir up drama, feeling that Jasmine Kennedie and Jorgeous haven't performed well enough to earn their relatively high placement in the competition.

"If we have to lip sync against each other, girl, you're going home," Jasmine Kennedie scoffs. "Not even a question."

"This is going to be a fight to the finish," Deja Skye proclaims.

Willow Pill, on the other hand, chose to laugh about the situation. Mockingly threatening to beat Deja, she joked, "If we kill her, we don't have to lip sync tomorrow."

There's Got to Be a Morning After: Ready for LaLaPaRUZa

The next morning, most of the queens are anxious save from Deja Skye. But Lady Camden looks at the Lip Sync extravaganza for the challenge it is, reasoning that Mama Ru wants the Season 14 contestants to think out of the box and that too many people played it safe for Snatch Game.

As the makeup goes on, the queens start talking shop and strategy. Willow Pill notes that she likes to make her own music mixes and create a story, "something theatrical." For Angeria Paris VanMichaels, on the other hand, it's the "Park and Bark," where you dress to the nines, stand in one spot, and give the performance all you've got.

Amid the preparation, Daya Betty is back to stirring the pot, and she's working to coax Bosco into the mix. When Daya returns to the subject of not being happy with contestants' placement, Bosco admits that she agreed with Daya Betty's general sentiment - but mostly, she states, she's disappointed in herself for a poor performance.

"I took it personally for me to fail during Snatch Game," Bosco confesses. "I am in such a place of intense focus... Believe me when I tell you I am not going home tonight."

Both Bosco and Daya Betty express similar worries about their weaknesses as dancers compared to Jorgeous and Jasmine Kennedie. So maybe the drama doesn't come from enmity as much as from envy.

Everyone agrees that Jorgeous is the lip sync queen to beat, as the group giggles over her signature move ("punching the ghost").

Deja Skye did a great job in Snatch Game, so she sits the tournament out VIP style. (C) VH1

Tournament Tea, Round One

Round One of the Lip Sync extravaganza sees frenemies go head to head when Daya Betty lip syncs against Jasmine Kennedie to Aretha Franklin's "Respect," but the fuel of anger helps Daya come out the victor.

It's Willow versus Bosco next, to Luther Vandross's "Never Too Much." The theatrics have it, because this one is Willow take all!

Angeria Paris VanMichaels takes on Jorgeous and Lady Camden in a three-way battle with Beyonce's "Radio." No surprise - Jorgeous wins this one easily.

What will happen next?

This episode was a major spotlight moment for Daya Betty (C) VH1

LaLaPaRUZa, Round Two

For Round Two, Angeria and Jasmine show off their best to Jennifer Lopez's "Love Don't Cost a Thing." Angeria, a JLo extraordinaire as shown earlier in the season, wins this battle. Of course, Jasmine Kennedie always comes to slay, so it was definitely a fight to the very end.

The Lady Camden versus Bosco fight ends with Camden celebrating a win. This means that Jasmine and Bosco will be in the bottom two for elimination.

Tea-K-O: The Final Round and Elimination

It's divas to the death in the final round. Bosco and Jasmine serve up their versions of Diana Ross's "Swept Away", but Bosco is deemed to give more soul.

So unfortunately Jasmine Kennedie is selected for elimination.

Unwrapping her chocolate bar, there is no golden ticket. That means Miss Jasmine Kennedie is forced to sashay away.

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