Enjoy another multimedia experience with the Tortus Mountain Sages, as they explore and spread education about hemp through its many forms. We’re approaching the first-ever Southern Hemp Expo (SHE) in Nashville, Tennessee, which takes place on September 28-29 and will be the largest industrial hemp conference of its kind in the Southeast. Journey with the Sages as they look at one of the most prominent brands presenting at SHE, the Colorado-based Restorative Botanicals. If you want a tasty way to relax, you’ll find your paradise in their Calming Blends. Watch, learn, and be well.

The Restorative Botanicals products list a number on the front of every bottle and that’s the total milligram content of full-spectrum hemp oil. We tested the Mandarin Orange Calming Blend in the .33 fl oz (10ml) with 133 mg of full spectrum extract. The mandarin orange flavor is delicious and there is no added sugar to achieve this tasty flavor. The other flavors are chocolate mint and cherry vanilla.This formula is a good fit for working professionals, doctors, lawyers, or anybody working in a professional setting. It’s relaxing and calming, but also very even in its delivery of 8 hours of focus and motivation. Some other brands can have a euphoria that comes with the relaxation, which I think is good for folks who want relief from anxiety and stress. The Restorative Botanicals Calming Blend creates calm energy with tranquility.I’ve been testing this formula at 15-40 drops with good results. 15-20 drops is like a constant breeze of “calm and focus.” It puts an extra zip in your step and motivation to get the next task complete. I took this formula while I was doing the last round of notes on a video I was editing. I was calm and didn’t feel rushed in making creative decisions. This was a good lesson, that “the answers can come from relaxation versus thinking about the problem while stressed out.”I wanted to really test this formula’s effects, so I took 40 drops one day. The 40 drops is close to 30 mg of full-spectrum hemp oil and the effects were stunning. Absolutely STUNNING. I felt like a shiny, happy ball of sunshine and I was extremely active to do things. I think this level of dosing can be reserved for the weekends or maybe highly stressful situations. If you deal with anxiety daily, then 30 mg of the Calming Blend is a good start to find relief.  After the 40-drop day, I took 20 drops over the following days and this was my preferred dosing level. The CO2 extraction of the hemp oil gives this product a time-release effect. My joints and muscles felt better a day after taking this formula. I had a really nice relaxing sleep on the day I took 40 drops, and strangely, I woke up at 7am, relaxed, rested, and smiling for the day to begin. Really nice work, Restorative Botanicals. This one is a winner.

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Average dose:

15 drops is 13.3 mg. This is a good starting dose. Maximum dose effects: More energy and focus.


Affordable to Average; starting at $16.99 each for .33-ounce sizes, $44.99 for 1-ounce sizes, and $78.99 for 2-ounce sizes.


Calming, energizing, focusing.


Full-spectrum CO2-extracted hemp oil, MCT Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural Orange Flavor

Extraction Type:

CO2 Extraction

Company Type:

Colorado-based, health-and-wellness focused

Click here to buy the Calming Blend Formula directly from Restorative Botanicals. For more about the company and its mission, visit restorativebotanicals.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t miss Restorative Botanicals, the country’s top hemp experts, and Honeysuckle at the Southern Hemp Expo September 28-29! Visit southernhempexpo.com and follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please share this review to support hemp education.

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