The Garden Party is a workshop and celebration of womxn and plants, brought to you by: Ranchera Mami, Loungin Ivy, and Who Let Me Be a Mom; and is being hosted at the Ranchera Familia farm and land in Yokut Valley, California on May 26, 2024. Continue reading for more information and how to register to attend. 

All About The Garden Party and Workshop At Ranchera Familia

The Garden Party launched with focus and on a mission to educate, empower, connect, and share. The workshop and party was created by womxn, for womxn, who wanted to create and offer a safe nurturing space to gather. This workshop and party is a celebration of the divine plant and community.

The event has a requirement for entry aside from the ticket: each attendee must bring a donation. Event organizers have selected a nonprofit to highlight during the event. The required donations are collected and sent to the selected nonprofit.

Ranchera Mami Shares The Garden Party’s Mission

When asked about the “why” of The Garden Party, Ranchera Mami responded: “As the owner of Ranchera Familia, a Latinx/womxn owned company in cannabis, these events/parties/workshops are a must. The events aren’t about me, they are about familia and community. This is about all of us having a seat at the table and supporting each other. It’s along the lines of ‘If you show hard work, we will be your biggest support’.”

What’s Included In The Garden Party?

Among various activities, The Garden Party will feature flash tattoos, an exclusive designer fashion pop-up by Smoke Show Co., a sound bath, and presence from fabulous sponsors. One of the main highlights is a special guest panel with womxn leaders in cannabis, with the following speakers: 

  • Wu Lan Russell, Content Creator and Digital Marketer based in Denver, Colorado: @wulanrussell 
  • Alexandra Arnett, MS, Lead Researcher and Fact Checker at Nugg MD, based in Fresno, California: @calyx.alex 
  • Kacey Auston, Co-Owner, Dr. Greenthumb’s Fresno, based in Fresno, California : @drgreenthumbs.fresno 
  • Milinda Hernandez, Owner of Turquoise Mountain Herbals and Happy Clouds ATX, based in Austin, Texas: @milinda_manifests 
  • Susie Plascencia, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Mota Glass; Founder of Latinas in Cann, based in Los Angeles, California: @susieplascencia
  • Moderated by Sue Carlton, Founder of Ranchera Mami and Ranchera Familia, and Moon Creek Valley Ranch based in Yokut Valley, CA: @mooncreekvalleyranch 

Garden Party And Workshop Businesses And Sponsors

(C) Ranchera Familia

Located in a conservative California state county, The Garden Party is making a huge statement on community and safe space. The sponsor, partner, and speaker lists are loaded with excellence.

Event By

  • Sue Carlton of Ranchera Mami, Educator, Model, and Cultivator: @rancheramami 
  • Loungin Ivy, Fresno’s Queen of Cannabis Decor: @lounginivy 
  • Sabrina, AKA Who Let Me Be A Mom, Advocate, Educator, and Vibe Hostess: @wholetmebeamom 
(C) Ranchera Familia

Top Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Onsite Vendors

  • Flash Tattoos by local Fresno artist Mrs. Wooddy of UNDERHAND Tattoo: From garden-inspired flowers to Ranchera Mami inspired cow skulls. 
  • Special high-end pop by Smoke Show Co.: Ranchera Mami will be exclusively wearing these designer clothes.
(C) Ranchera Familia

Media Partners

Honeysuckle is proud to be a media partner for The Garden Party, along with:

(C) Ranchera Familia

The Garden Party and Workshop takes place on May 26, 2024 at Ranchera Familia in Yokut Valley, California. For tickets to the Garden Party and Workshop, please visit

Special Thanks To Cannabis Business Sponsors

Thank you to the following sponsors!

Higher Maintenance CBD

Higher Maintenance CBD is a woman-owned company making plant-based products and infusing them with USDA Certified Organic Premium CBD: full and broad spectrum gummies, tinctures, syrups, beauty products and more.

(C) Higher Maintenance CBD, courtesy of Veronica Castillo


LOCKGREEN is a Black-owned, Virginia-based company that gives cannabis consumers across the country peace of mind when safely storing and traveling in a car with their stash. LOCKGREEN stash boxes are smell-proof and have a built-in combination lock to keep kids, pets and unwanted guests out and help to prevent open container law violations when traveling in a car with cannabis.

(C) Lockgreen

Kemistry Farms

Kemistry Farms is a woman-owned, veteran-owned, and minority-owned cannabis cultivation located on family land in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Chemistry is at the heart of their processes and techniques and with 13 years of cultivation experience and a tight and knowledgeable team standing together, Kemistry Farms is dedicated to growing quality medicine for Oklahomans.

(C) Kemistry Farms

Zatix Luxury Cannabis Co.

100 percent white ash with options like: OG Diesel, Blue Guava, and Grape Guava; Zatix is a luxury cannabis brand rooted in California and founded by a pioneer of the cannabis industry with over 20 years of experience. Zatix is on a mission to curate and bring to market the finest connoisseur cannabis products. 

(C) Zatix


Written By:

Veronica Castillo is known as the Traveling Cannabis Writer. She was a nomadic writer on the road covering all things cannabis/ hemp/ and overall plant medicines and recently came back home to Florida, making it her homebase once again. Her body of work can be found in multiple industry publications both digital and print where she provides cannabis industry and community insights from her 5 year journey around the country. She is a member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, Board of Directions, a collaborator, connector, and always seeking to bring to light the hidden gems in the plant space. You can follow her journey on Instagram: @vee_travelingvegcannawriter and/or LinkedIn: @Traveling Cannabis Writer  

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