FLAMER is heating up NYC this spring and summer with their red joints and hot events, like their Queers In Cannabis event connecting queers in cannabis and their 4/20 Picnic celebrating daytime fun.


FLAMER is a vibrant, queer-owned cannabis enterprise that celebrates authenticity and inclusivity. From the seeds growing on the farms to their signature red joints, FLAMER’s commitment to quality is evident. Their pre-roll cannabis is nurtured under the sun at Jane's Garden, a picturesque family-run farm nestled in the foothills of Hooker Mountain in Schenevus Valley, Upstate New York. 

Meanwhile, their whole flower cannabis is sun-kissed and hand-trimmed at Blackbird Gardens, a cozy farm near the Catskills in Jefferson, Upstate New York. Emphasizing natural ingredients and eschewing pesticides, FLAMER guarantees consistent quality and potency, with all products rigorously third-party tested and loved by many. 

FLAMER Brand Pre-rolls (C) Matías Alvial

Founded by the trio of “fruits,” as they affectionately refer to themselves, Matías Alvial, Wyatt Harms, and Khalil Acevedo, FLAMER embodies a movement that goes beyond cannabis—it’s about community, creativity, and the shared joy of finding solace in a joint.

Alvial explains, “For many queers, cannabis is more than just a plant—it’s a coping mechanism, a release valve in a world that often fails to understand or accept them. FLAMER is not just a product; it’s a lifestyle, a revolution in a chic red J, symbolizing freedom, creativity, and the unapologetic embrace of one’s true self.” 

Since their launch in early 2023, the trio have pioneered a space for queer people to connect, thrive, and grow within the cannabis industry. Through a series of networking events and lively parties, FLAMER has cultivated an electrifying community where every queer person is welcome to take part and enjoy their signature Js. 

This inclusive and celebratory atmosphere is not just about smoking weed, but also forging bonds, fostering creativity, and empowering the queer community to embrace their true selves boldly. FLAMER is selling a lifestyle—a movement that’s reshaping the cannabis industry one chic red joint at a time.

FLAMER Launches Queers In Cannabis Networking Events 

With spring coming to a close and summer inching closer, FLAMER has been booked and busy with events. The Queers in Cannabis event at Club Cumming, the nightclub owned by iconic actor Alan Cumming, back in March highlights their continued commitment to making the cannabis industry a better and more equitable space—by queers and for queers. 

“It’s been a dream to get queer folks connected in the industry,” shares co-founder/CEO Harms. 

Cannabis Brand FLAMER Hosts Queer Cannabis Networking Event (C) Matías Alvial

And they did just that! With the uproar of laughter, new handshakes, and friendly hugs, this evening was a testament to the interconnectedness of queers and womxn in cannabis. Harms and Acevedo expressed their appreciation for everyone's attendance and their commitment to making this event a regular occurrence, shouting out opportunities to volunteer for future events and collaborations. 

“As many of us know, the queer community came out of underground subversive movements,” mentions Acevedo, “and here as we move into a new cannabis era in New York, we decided that the queer community needed to be front and center of this as well.” 

This event was the first one of many to come, and if you would like to volunteer for future events stay up to date on their Instagram for opportunities. 

FLAMER Hosts Annual 4/20 Picnic With Nearly 500 People 

Of course, we can’t move on to what’s to come without giving FLAMER their flowers for their iconic picnic in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on 4/20 - National Cannabis Day - this year. With hundreds of cannabis-lovers gathering throughout the day, this event was more than just a success; it was a blueprint for a community that can thrive in wellness and chill spaces without the toxic aspects of nightlife and clubbing culture. The girls, gays, and theys came to hang, smoke, meditate, do yoga, and crafts!

It’s Giving Field Day at Queer Summer Camp. 

One of the most notable aspects of this 4/20 event compared to others was the commitment to fun and simple activations that brought out eveyone’s inner child. From collaging old books and magazines to making friendship bracelets, this event was beaming with pure expression of creativity and fun. 

Long-time supporters of FLAMER, Chala June and Ariel Friedlander, led the craft activities including drawing, collaging, bracelet making, and decorating lighters—complete with googly eyes and rhinestones. Attendees could walk away from this event high, with new friends, and customized goodies. 

Weed Auntie Founder Solonje Burnett Leads a Sound Bath Sesh and Eric Mosley Instructs Yoga 

In tandem with creating fun summer-camp-like projects this event focused on wellness and centering oneself. Weed Auntie founder Solonje Burnett led a sound bath with calming music from harpist Aviva Jaye. Nearly 50 people lay on the blankets, eyes closed or watching the clouds dance to Burnett’s soft voice sharing her sentiments about the importance of supporting our fellow trans, Black, brown, and especially, Palestinian humans during this global time of adversity. 

After Burnett and Jaye closed out the sound bath, yoga instructor Eric Mosley led a session of mindful movement that wrapped up the wellness experiences with a focus on intention and connection to our bodies. 

Brelixi Founder Breanna Neff Sells THC and CBD-infused Beverages at the 4/20 picnic. 

Breanna Neff, Founder of Brelixi serving samples at FLAMER 420 (C) Matías Alvial

To make sure people were staying High-drayted, Brelixi was serving up ice cold infused electrolyte beverages. Founder Breanna Neff, a food scientist and entrepreneur with a background from Cornell University, established her presence near the bustling "snack zone," offering her innovative THC and CBD-infused drink mixes featuring elderberry-hibiscus and yuzu-turmeric flavors. Neff's passion for cannabis as a functional ingredient led her to seek ways to seamlessly incorporate it into our daily routines.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 Winner Oddly Yvie Takes Part in the 4/20 Festivities. 

Across the way Oddly Yvie, Season 11 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, hung out sporting her green dangly septum piercing—that she calls her booger. Invited by The Travel Agency, Yvie chatted with some of the picnic goers while holding her new book All About Yvie: Into The Oddity—a summer read now on my list. 

Oddly Yvie at the FLAMER 420 Event (C) Matías Alvial

How is FLAMER Going to Top These Hot “Queer-Themed” Events? 

FLAMER is blazing a trail in the cannabis industry, not only by showcasing queer voices and talents, but also by fostering a community that celebrates queer joy in its fullness—aside from nightlife. With more events planned to highlight queers in cannabis and offer networking opportunities, FLAMER is set to continue its impactful presence this spring and beyond. Stay tuned for potential pride festivities, as FLAMER continues to set the stage for the hottest events of the season. Keep an eye on FLAMER, because the sparks they're igniting now are sure to light up the summer ahead.


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