Pure Kind Botanicals Hemp Oil in a Bottle

Enjoy a multimedia experience with the Tortus Mountain sages. They share the latest education about hemp in its many forms. Today, one sage takes on the Wellness Nectar Tincture from Pure Kind Botanicals, a company devoted to a future of health, biofuels, and renewable energy.

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Pure Kind Botanicals

Pure Kind Botanicals is one of the finest formulators in the hemp CBD tinctures marketplace. Buyers benefit from their scientific explorers and creative thinkers behind the most effective hemp products. The company’s integrity provides the cleanest products available. Pure Kind 3000 mg tincture treats extreme conditions. Strong doses are available in only a couple of drops, and the terpene-rich formula is a bonus. It’s the Tesla of hemp tinctures. This hemp extract comes from a slow extraction method, using ethanol (food-grade alcohol), which evaporates, leaving only plant extract. This potent tincture is fast-acting, high quality, and resolves acute symptoms quickly.

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Within 10 minutes of taking 1/4 of a dropper (25 mg), I felt joy, a lack of social anxiety, and my energy level rose. This is because the powerful tincture reduces inflammation and increases circulation. You can expect a potent floral flavor in the 3000 mg bottle. The effects are exceptional, and you can avoid side effects if you take only the recommended amount.

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Dose Information

I gave a full dropper to my friend. It was 100 mg. He was on his way to work. Within 15 minutes, he didn’t want to go to the office. With a boost of energy and creativity, he decided on a walk. Excited  about walking an extra mile, and still feeling up, he took his computer work to a coffee shop. When he called me, he said his mind was in a clear state of sharp focus.

This formula provides relief from anxiety at a dose between 30 to 75 mg. It may help with depression. In an extreme case of severe “benzo” addiction, the man said other formulas didn’t work. However, his first try was a 200mg dose of Pure Kind 3000 during the daytime. He felt 200mg is too much for him. Next, his 200mg dose was before bed for attempting sedation. During the day, 100 mg is the amount for him. When in need of a daytime boost, he self-medicates with indica cannabis from a local dispensary.

*NOTE: Under normal circumstances, you will not need a 200 mg dose.

My friend’s story about doses is due to his extreme challenges. Everyone reacts differently. The best hemp product and dose for your body depends on height, weight, metabolism, and your health issues. After reviewing many products, the Pure Kind Botanicals products are our No. 1 pick for the best industry standard for effects and product integrity.

Average Dose

1 full dropper (1 mL) is 100 mg. 1/2 dropper (.50 ML) is 50 mg. 1/4 dropper (.25 ml) is 25mg. 10-20 mg is a good starting dose. That’s 1/8 or 1/10 of a full dropper. With this formula concentrate, we recommend no more than a 30 mg dose.


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Euphoria, stress and anxiety relief, help with brain fatigue, pain relief, anti-inflammation. It increases metabolism and appetite.


Full-spectrum hemp extract MCT Oil.

Extraction Type:

Ethanol Alcohol (food-grade alcohol) extraction technique produces an effective and easy-to-digest formula.

Company Type:

Technology, Processor, Research and Development, Front-Range Colorado

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For more about the brand and its mission, visit purekindbotanicals.com, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Pure Kind Botanicals Reviews

Honey Says:  Pure Kind Botanicals is committed to an initiative called Perfect Vision 2020, which seeks to unite humanity through planetary wellness. Building from the hemp revolution, this movement is a global crusade to replace all fossil fuels with biofuels, plant-based materials, and renewable energy by 2020. Learn more about the vision by visiting perfectvision.com and get the scoop in our upcoming print issue ONE.

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