As the country begins its next phase of reopening and the summer heats up, you might notice yourself and others feeling friskier than usual. Thankfully, we have experts to help you direct this energy! Honeysuckle asked a leading OnlyFans creator, model, and photographer, to provide some naughty-but-nice advice for those who enjoy a little culture with their summer lovin’.


What do you do when it’s a global pandemic, neither of you can have guests over, and you’re horny as fuck? You fucking improvise. Being the classy museum-goers that we are, we decided New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was the perfect place for our adventure.

Now, how does one have sex at the museum, you say?

Step 2: THE PLAN

In their private bathrooms, of course! Well, mostly private, which I will get into. Upon arrival, it was a ghost town, which boded well for our sexcapades.

We had obviously discussed doing this prior to our outing and I was the first one to arrive. After scoping out the situation, I found a unisex bathroom with private rooms for us to do the hanky panky in. I was nervous, but I thought to myself, What would actually happen if we were to get caught? I figured the worst would be getting kicked out, fined, and/or never able to return. I quickly decided I could live with those terms. People do wild things when horny and I am no exception!

Anyhoo, my dude had arrived and I was ready to bone.

Step 3: ACTION

We looked at each other giddy, grinning ear to ear, and headed into the private bathroom. Getting warmed up was pretty easy considering the circumstances. Having sex in a public place was and is a big kink for both of us, so we were feeling it! We were honestly just happy to be fucking again, considering the last time we did it, he had to drop money for a hotel (also hot though).

The concept of the museum being a ghost town quickly dissipated when two women walked in. So let me paint a picture for you… I’m bent over, head at my knees, with him still inside me and we’re just frozen trying our hardest not to make any sudden movements or sounds. It was really hot!

The stall for the deed.

Once the two women left, we continued with our sexy time and were “successful” if you know what I mean. Luckily, there was toilet paper right there for the mess (LOL).

In order to leave, he walked out first and made sure the coast was clear. Then I walked out a little later. I would highly suggest coordinating your exit like this if you decide to try this idea out!

No one knew shit – it was amazing. I have no regrets and I would recommend 10/10.