Halloween time in Los Angeles means people go outside!

Those celebrating the spooky holiday in the Hollywood area who needed a pick-me-up, need to look no further than Pineapple Express. Located in the heart of Los Angeles’ most bustling city, this world-renowned, premier dispensary sits right on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street. Right next to the iconic Capitol Records building, it’s a huge tourist attraction for anyone who's a cannabis-curious consumer.

Guests at "A Nightmare On Vine Street" try out the Marty Missile (C) Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express Presents Halloween Event "A Nightmare On Vine Street" At Sunset Rooftop In Hollywood

With neon yellow and green lights illuminating on top of the store, it’s hard not to want to pay them a visit. The name actually comes from their humble beginnings as a delivery service, before transitioning into a fully licensed, retail store. 

On the Friday prior to Halloween, Pineapple Express threw their highly-anticipated Halloween party titled A Nightmare On Vine Street. Taking over Sunset Rooftop a few blocks from their dispensary, the event featured a festive haunted house, covered with cobwebs, fake spiders, and all types of spooky decorations.

Marketing Director Jay Cho stated, “Essentially, we want to be able to do a lot of things that involve the Hollywood community. Because ever since COVID hit, a lot of these events for cannabis have really been turned off or events in general have totally dissipated. What we're really trying to do is revive and have the vitality of this community alive by connecting cannabis with urbanism and our local businesses.”

Traditional's activation at "A Nightmare On Vine Street" included pre-roll and mini flashlight giveaways (C) Pineapple Express
Attendees got free cotton candy at Gelato's activation (C) Pineapple Express

Which Cannabis Brands Pulled Up At The Pineapple Express "A Nightmare On Vine Street" Party?

Celebrating up high on the rooftop was a vibe in itself, but it was also the intimate time you got with the brands present. Upon entering, you were met with the fire flower from Traditional, who was also giving away candy, pre-rolls, and mini flashlights. In the room across there were Smoke and Paint activities, perfect for couples. 

The room next door was Heavy Hitters, offering their line of edibles, including Fast-Acting, THCV, and Solventless. They’re also known for their high quality vapes and infused flower. As you walked into the main room, you were met with Gelato, who was offering cotton candy — perfect for any occasion! 

While it took Pineapple Express and the brand partners nine hours to fully set up the event, it was immediately apparent that the focus was for people to enjoy themselves. In the back room was the OOKA, cannabis hookah, alongside the dab bar sponsored by Jetty Extracts. Jetty prides themselves in creating the highest-quality extracts, and it was only right to offer free dabs for anyone who brought their own rigs. They also like to educate with their solventless cannabis products, simultaneously getting everybody high.

*Editor's Note: For more about the OOKA, the world's first cannabis hookah, click here!

Also present for the event was rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Marty Grimes, whose popular Marty Missile made the rounds of the night.

Rapper Marty Grimes ensured that guests could experience his popular Marty Missile (C) Pineapple Express
Jetty Extracts had one of the night's best displays featuring a dab bar (C) Pineapple Express
The OOKA, the world's first cannabis hookah, made a splash at the "A Nightmare On Vine Street" dab bar (C) Pineapple Express

How Is Pineapple Express Using Cannabis To Elevate The Holidays?

While Pineapple Express currently only has one retail location so far, they just acquired nine licenses. They will soon be opening up in nine different locations, including Reseda, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Echo Park, Beverly Grove. 

As far as cannabis elevating the holidays, Jay Cho stated, “Cannabis has always been experiential. Anytime that you smoke cannabis or consume cannabis, it's either with your friends or if you're wanting to experience a high — or some sort of elevated feeling. The way that it's connected to these holidays is solely off of: I'm here to fucking have a good time, and I want to be high while doing it. A lot of the people coming in today, they're sober from alcohol or drugs. They chose cannabis to medicate and it's really awesome to see.”

For more about Pineapple Express, visit pineappleexpress.com.


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Featured image: Left: Rapper Marty Grimes with his Marty Missile; right: Jetty Extracts' spooky-themed display at Pineapple Express Hollywood's "A Nightmare On Vine Street" at Sunset Rooftop (C) Pineapple Express