We approach 2018 with the words of revolutionary activist poet James Litkett in our minds. Whatever your resolution is, we hope it will bring positive change to your life and the world at large.

By James Litkett

You all know who you are. To prove yourself, you must better yourself! The hardest thing about changing yourself is to change how others see you! Get a goal! Get a plan! Make it so! We the people, for the people, Of the people, and by the people Declare that America is the place to make it happen I was born chained in prison. My future, will I have one? Can you breathe now? !I call for negotiations Binding arbitration“ I am the voice of the inquiring minds ”There are idiots and stupidity on both sides: 1. But why are there two sides? 2. Aren’t we both seeking the same solutions? 3. Aren’t we both seeking an answer to a problem? 4. It’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s about us. It’s about how we the people, of the people, For the people and by the people. Come to the table and resolve these tragic eventsAnd situations from happening. I say and believe we are one in the same, Fighting for and against the same things. I say again don’t be distracted! Why, oh why must it be this way!? I say it’s all one in the same, not different, I believe in miracles. Let’s make it so! Tragedy is tragedy if you are wearing blue or born black. (I used black you can intermix any term that suits you, Again don’t be distracted!) If you are homicidal, suicidal, you must be stopped Be you citizen or police! Stop the insanity this is a people problem! We the people, of the people, and most importantly by the peopleDemand this insanity cease and desist.How stupid can you be not to see we are on/of the same mission.Let’s make it so!I’m here to say it’s not one or the other But both and all incidents like this can be eliminated with/by harmony and unity With negotiation with binding arbitration. There is no tomorrow. I notice hypocrisy and double standards. Stop the insanity! Disrespect. It’s the broken scales of the system that causes tragedy Not any one individual. So stop the insanity and let’s talk! So now you want bulletproof cars, but how and when will you protectAny and all individuals involved. Once again I sayIt’s not us and them, you or me, it is us against evil wrongdoers! The powers that be and the idiots that are want to divide and conquer, Don’t listen or react. Free your mind and the rest will follow. Stop wasting time, we are reaching critical mass! I say what must be said and ask the questions that must be answered. Stop look and listen to me because I have something to say. I am what I am, you are what you are, they are what they are Until you realize and acknowledge to be better or more Which can happen if you want to, need to or are smart enough to choose to. At last is the time for meaningful dialogue and negotiation,But the powers that be and idiots that are won’t allow this to happen. I’m here to say that now is the time, make it so. There is no tomorrow! At last we can/will come to the table with similar grievances Going from I can’t breathe to I can breathe. How you breathing now? Do you understand the way you feel at this moment Is the way all black males (especially) feel every day? Don’t believe your lying eyes or the video tape! Do you believe this will be acceptable! No way or no how can a person be responsible for his own death,Murder is murder, suicide is suicide (if it truly is?). Why must we go to a higher level for justice (federal)? Find an excuse to win. Pays to be a winner. So you choose to disrespect the mayor, the city, the people, What does that say about you? Is this reaction to progress?! I know call for we the people, for the people, of the people, by the people To make a national call for this thing of ours to go from a moment to a movement For a sustained commitment for and to fair justice with a lack of inequality No more “Tilted Scales”. Swift, coordinated, concerted effort so as to findthe best right way and not just your own way!–*

*A version of this poem was originally published on the blog Wiz of Jlitkett.

Open letter to the powers that be and the idiots that are…

James Litkett is a revolutionary activist poet and host of the series Now We Rise: Quest to Self-Determination on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. View the first two episodes now on YouTube. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.Article photo: “Justice for…” by Justin Baeder

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