“You know what’s really cool about today? Everybody here is on equal footing.”

Lindsay Rae Cohen, Director of Communications at HPI Canna, trilled the thought blissfully as we watched hundreds of industry stakeholders line up to enter the 2024 Revelry Buyers’ Club. The third iteration of the renowned annual B2B trade show for New York’s cannabis industry was truly for the people, who followed the river to the town of Hudson, where they crowded in to meet the state’s leading licensed brands, retailers, operators, and service providers. Created by On The Revel, a company known for producing a vast array of enriching educational experiences and networking events in the cannabis space, Revelry Buyers' Club brought out the best the Empire State has to offer, in every sense. 

“It doesn't matter if you're a buyer, a vendor, or press,” Cohen continued. “Everyone is here to share about a plant they love.”

On The Revel founders Jacobi Holland and Lulu Tsui (C) On The Revel

What Is On The Revel's Revelry Buyers' Club?

Boy, was she right. Thrills abounded at the gorgeous Basilica Hudson, a historic venue that housed the event. From morning to evening, the building overflowed with the energy that only cannabis operators and advocates can generate. And we do mean overflowed - not only were the Basilica’s indoor halls filled with brand activations, but so were the outdoor lawns. Each corner of the land was packed, whether taken up by exhibitors from across the supply chain, technology experts presenting on new industry services and trends, deluxe food and drink vendors, or simply the happy hum of conversations at the Weedmaps Lounge. 

“We’re fostering an ecosystem where operators can forge impactful connections that cultivate a thriving, collaborative industry,” said Jacobi Holland, co-founder of On The Revel. “Revelry Buyers' Club provides a unique platform to strengthen these relationships, which are the cornerstone of New York’s success in this space.”

The crowd entering Revelry Buyers' Club (C) On The Revel
Hepworth Farms exhibits at Revelry Buyers' Club(C)Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Why Is Revelry Buyers' Club Important For New York's Cannabis Licensees?

This year, Revelry Buyers' Club featured over 120 brand exhibitors and drew in more than 200 retailers, an amazing accomplishment considering that the state has gotten only 132 dispensaries operational to date. But such is the true beauty of the event, because Buyers' Club is helping licensees plan ahead and get the jump on their operations by connecting retailers to brands and service providers directly. Longtime players know that in cannabis, first-mover advantage is everything. 

“Revelry Buyers’ Club serves as a catalyst, shining a light on the current and soon-to-market operators who are tirelessly growing, building, and collaborating to move this market forward.,” stated Lulu Tsui, co-founder of On The Revel. “As the New York market continues to expand, fostering connections between retailers and brands remains paramount to the growth of our market. Revelry Buyers’ Club has been a galvanizing event for New York cannabis. We take pride in organizing the largest gathering of licensed New York retailers, cultivators, processors, and brands to connect and handle business.”

Queenee Da Kanna Kritic and Nick Bryan of Golden State Banana try out dabs at Revelry Buyers' Club(C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Rob Gronkowski Surprises Revelry Buyers' Club Attendees

Of course, there were plenty of surprises, sensory delights, and innovations for the 1000-plus attendees to explore along the way. Sports fans perked up when iconic football player Rob Gronkowski arrived unexpectedly, taking photos with brands and enjoying his tour through the show floor. The four-time Super Bowl champion has been among the latest of several former NFL players to advocate for the plant, citing its medical applications and how it helped him recover from various surgeries after he sustained injuries on the field. 

Tosin Ajayi of Cannabis NYC, Lindsey Neff of Larkspur Botanicals, and David Zelinger of KLIK show off their Honeysuckle pages in the Weedmaps Lounge at Revelry Buyers' Club(C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Which Brand Activations And Products Were Revelry Buyers' Club Standouts?

Numerous guests raved about Jetty Extracts’ make-your-own candle activation using terpenes. With the help of Larkspur Botanicals, who also bloomed much of the Buyers’ Club decor and offered pressed-flower tattoos, a large crowd went home with souvenirs scented like their favorite cannabis strains. Over at Cova Conversations, ancillary gurus from brands including Cova, Dutchie, and Carrot shared insights on growing your business for success. One of the more unusual pieces of advice? Jesse Wexler, East Coast Account Executive at Cova, suggested that retailers shouldn’t bet everything on the 420 holiday. Instead, he noted that each brand should figure out what matters most to its mission and customer base, and align with similar providers that can meet those needs.

Some visitors to Revelry Buyers’ Club were intrigued by the amount of brands offering infused liquid diamond vapes and prerolls - a highly potent and pure form of cannabinoid delivery - such as Rove and Jetpacks. Others marveled at the use of functional mushrooms and adaptogens in different products. Eaton Botanicals unveiled what they billed as “New York’s first functional gummy, while Foy showcased edibles that incorporated a mix of mushroom, chamomile, and other herbs into the recipes for mental health benefits. Companies that provide infused beverages, like Ayrloom and TUNE, could give out single-drink samples for a breezy buzz that accentuated the social vibe of the day. 

But when we asked attendees their favorite part of the whole show, they resoundingly replied, THE COMMUNITY! The heart of Revelry Buyers’ Club, and On The Revel overall, is in getting people face to face with each other. Check out some of the testimonials to see just how much love powered through Basilica Hudson.

On The Revel team huddle (C) On The Revel

We Asked The Industry: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Revelry Buyers’ Club? 

Candy Angel of Weedmaps, Vladimir Bautista of Happy Munkey, and Dizzy Cordova of Neon Heights(C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Candy Angel, Head of Social Impact, Weedmaps

I love Buyers’ Club! It's the best event connecting retailers and brands, while staying true to their roots in community building. Truly my favorite event in the country, not just NY, to attend.

Omar, Budtender, CONBUD; Brand Ambassador, Integridy Farms

The beautiful faces, number one. Number two, to see the creativity of the products and everyone really showing up.

John, Ganjier And Co-Founder, House Of Hash

As a ganjier, I love talking to people and seeing how diverse the industry is, [all] different age groups... Coming from a real estate background, this is what I enjoy seeing. It's all love for the plant. That's what really matters and that's really cool.

Britni Tantalo, Co-Founder, Flower City Dispensary; Co-Founder, New York Cannabis Retail Association

Everything was amazing, from the vendors to the coffee to the conversation. It was packed and very, very valuable.

Diesel outside of Basilca Hudson; courtesy of @blackzaddy2

Diesel, Cannabis Security Professional

One of the things that I loved about being here today is everyone coming together. These are all our friends, and remember, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Our industry has elevated itself to what it has become, and it’s going to accelerate and grow even more. You just feel the love here. Even the newcomers can feel it when they walk in this place… We want to welcome all our friends with open arms so that they know they’re loved in this industry. We want every single person, especially the CAURD licensees and everyone doing it the right way, to be able to flourish. 

I’ve been in the game since day one [and sometimes] I can't believe what I'm seeing. I started off as a regular security guard in the industry since the beginning. Now I own and operate a cannabis security firm geared toward not only creating gracious hosts for the dispensaries, but also making sure all places are safe and secure, and that everyone's having a great, great time.

On The Revel is absolutely amazing, and these events like Buyers’ Club are what everyone is going to remember. We’re New York strong and we’re going to keep moving no matter what comes in front of us. 

Josh Alb, Founder, Cannademix

Seeing the community [is my favorite thing]. Coming out from Jersey, NY is the epicenter for being in the industry. There’s great leadership from Lulu and Jacobi and their team. It's always great to be welcome on the other side of the border of the Hudson, just as we welcome our cannabis family in Jersey.

Jesse Tolz (center) of The Travel Agency(C) Sam C. Long / Honeysuckle Media, Inc. @tissuekulture

Jesse Tolz, Marketing Director, The Travel Agency

Hanging out, being face to face with everyone you don't usually see. The Revel team always puts on a fantastic show.

Sloane Barbour, Founder And CEO, Engin Sciences; Co-founder, The Cannabis Collective

The people!

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