Ohkasoh NupponkBy SparrowhawkSHORT ACTION/ADVENTURE/DRAMA/THRILLER FILMOhkasoh Nupponk The Storyboard from Ohkasoh Nupponk on Vimeo.A few thousand years ago along the Housatonic River, POMUSHAUMAU KUTCHIKKONKONT, is the best young arrow maker of the PAUGUSSETT. He holds the knowledge of wampum reading, medicine, hunting, fishing and agriculture, but he is a little skeptical on the spiritual side. He finds himself not being chosen by any young woman to continue their clan. After being rejected a few times, he decides to embark his spiritual journey the Clan Mothers have been advising him. He finally promises the clan mothers he will prove himself worthy of being chosen by the Voice of Nature and become the future sachem of their people.POMUSHAUMAU seeks advice from his father MASUGKENUK AWAUSSEUS the sachem, his elder brother WOMPSIKUKQUAMESUOG and his male/female spiritual guide KETEAU-KEREQUABUS. His tasks include going into the woodlands and hunt alone causing the least amount of trauma to his prey, learn the language of Nature and find his inner Spirits. But further into the woodlands he is overpowered by predators that will put his life in danger. He decides to resist and fight the predators, but he will not kill them since bringing harmful death to another being is failing his Spiritual Tasks.He later is challenged by KEZOUS and NENEMPOSHA, he is unsure if these entities are his spirits or some tricksters trying to hunt him down. As he faces a near death experience and an insight of the beings from an unknown realm, a mysterious young woman, WAPI-KUHKUKHAHS of the POHTATUCK tribe saves his life.WAPI-KUHKUKHAHS decides to teach him her unique skills in exchange for his knowledge, along the way, they fall for each other, but their tribes have conflicts that prevent their union. They decide to  meet near a secret waterfall site. Eventually her people hear of the secret relationship and her father TUMMUNKQUAOG MATWAU, sachem of the POHTATUCK sends for POMUSHAUMAU KUTCHIKKONKONT’s capture.