Dopey Episode 65: This week on Dopey- MSNBC and FOX News Pundit Joe Schrank returns to Dopey to talk about his latest enterprise; ‘High Sobriety’. The world’s first ever cannabis inclusive substance abuse treatment center. Chris shares his incredibly unlikely encounter with our favorite potential guest, Artie Lange. And Dave presses Chris to share the details of his last experience getting high.Special Guest: Joe SchrankHosts Dave and Chris say we’re all looking for answers, or at least for a little relief from time to time. which is exactly what the podcast Dopey provides – relief. Dave and Chris, have a natural ability to speak to the listener about their experiences in recovery as if they were at home, on the their couch. The stories they share are often offensive, insane, and horrific, but they are always entertaining, absurd and wildly funny.They met in a recovery treatment center in Connecticut and became fast friends. On air, their chemistry is clear as they share their cringe worthy stories with humor but also with a shamelessness that can only be provided through years of sobriety. They say the smartest decision they ever made was to get sober.Dopey is a talk show.  Guests have included internet hip hop sensation Eastside aka The Eastside Crackhead. Also feature film writer, and son of Rob Reiner, Nick Reiner. Hip hop pioneer and House of Pain creator, Danny Boy O’Connor. Meditation guru, and renowned author of Dharma Punks, Noah Levine.Fox News and MSNBC pundit and recovery expert, Joe Shrank. NYC comedian Modi and a bevy of friends, both afflicted and not.Dopey Nation, their growing fan base has an intense and loyal group listeners who are becoming increasingly vocal. Dopey Nation consists of both, members of the recovery community, as well those that tune in strictly for the debauchery.For the drug addict or alcoholic in recovery, trudging through one’s day can at times feel like an eternity. Dopey takes the edge off, so to speak. Dave and Chris become the dealers but their merchandise is strength and hope in the form of ridiculous stories born from the gutter but made suitable for human consumption. can be accessed on iTunes, Podbean and google play. Also, look for Dopey on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. With new episodes dropping every Sunday.Dave lives and works in New York City, New York. Chris lives and works in Massachusetts.