I lay on the floor among a menagerie of aroused onlookers, listening intently to acclaimed pornstar Lisa Ann as she seductively describes having her way with a nervous yet thrilled pool boy. This was the scene that the cleverly named New Society for Wellness (NS-FW) set with its ASMRErotica event. In partnership with Brazzers, the world-famous porn production company, the event was touted as a, “members-only audiogasmix theatre event.” With tantalizing descriptions of real sex scenes from the Brazzers repertoire, told by the pornstars starring in those scenes, the erotica becomes an enrapturing performance that had the audience on edge. Ever so subtly, writhing and heaving, the event goers helped create an atmosphere that exemplified the best aspect of consensual, sex positivity— the comfort knowing that whatever you are feeling is natural and we support it.

asmrotica Warren Archer Abella Danger
Abella Danger reads erotica based on scene’s she has acted in. Courtesy of NS-FW; photo (C) Warren Archer.
Bridgette B Speaks animatidely. Courtesy of NS-FW; photo (C) Warren Archer.
Bridgette B speaks animatedly. Courtesy of NS-FW; photo (C) Warren Archer.
/ Bridgette B speaks animatedly. Courtesy of NS-FW; photo (C) Warren Archer.

A Dive Into My Night

The main stars of the night were the graceful and genuine ladies of Brazzers—Lisa Ann and Abigail Mac. Both have experience with creating fun and engaging ASMR, with Mac creating an especially prolific portfolio of expertly delivered ASMR erotica. For the unacquainted, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a physical sensation that is marked by a tingling usually felt in the head and scalp and often travels down the spine and other areas. While the mechanics behind the sensation are not sexual in nature, tuning into the right material may very well lead to turning on. While the term itself is considered inaccurate, the name has entered the cultural zeitgeist and it isn’t going anywhere.

The event had everything from sexual innuendo-themed drinks, a live performance featuring bondage and BDSM, and of course, the ASMR erotica itself. Everyone was dressed in stylish black, as per the dress code, and casually checked everyone out. This is not the kind of place where one goes to be alone—it is a community itching to introduce itself to the wider public. The ladies got on a small stage adorned with a grand chair and equipped with a special microphone that picks up the softest of utterances, as well as sex toys to add to the audio/visual quality of the experience. The audience, seated at an intimate distance, wore bright LED Bluetooth headphones that relayed audio at high fidelity. Abigail Mac’s reading was like watching a professional being swept away by their craft: passionate, sexy, and fun. Lisa Ann gave a charismatic performance while shedding insight to the behind-the-scenes atmosphere at work. The amused audience laughed as the star explained that the scene they were watching/hearing was created because she wanted to be filmed pushing a girl into a pool.

asmrotica Asimfarooki
A dynamic performance. Courtesy of NS-FW; photo (C) @Asimfarooki

While the performances were superb, the biggest thing I took away was the community. Casual, friendly, and always understanding, these members of NS-FW made newcomers feel welcome as they freely enjoyed things at their own pace. It was an energy that both extroverts and introverts could coalesce in. “Consent is sexy,” I was told right when I walked in, and that was enough for my personal anxieties to flutter away.

asmrotica Asimfarooki NSFW view
Having fun at NS-FW. Courtesy of NS-FW; photo (C) @Asimfarooki

NS-FW has an ever-expanding calendar for all kinds of sexually-tinged (and explicitly sexual) events. Their mission is to create a safe and accepting environment for those looking for enjoyable sexual experiences. The stigma surrounding sex has warped societal perception, which NS-FW hopes to heal through their notion of sexual enlightenment. Having people learn, explore, and engage in a safe and nurturing environment that people feel confident in, while getting their rocks off, of course.