Five of Wands: As the holidays loom, life becomes busier than normal. It may feel as if it takes a massive effort just to handle the basics. So many things demand attention: end of the year deadlines, family obligations, work drama, and managing expectations.

Prepare to be on your feet from early in the day until late at night. Weekends could be busy playing catch up from things not finished in the week. Hectic? Yes. But soon enough, there will be rest. In the meantime, get ready to grind.

This card also warns of conflicts. People may be petty or easily angered. Arguments could break out - sometimes over the stupidest thing. You’ll need to set your boundaries high.

More importantly, if you sense a fight is brewing, walk away, count to ten and ask yourself: “Is this really worth it?” If you cannot say a confident yes, keep walking.


Featured image: 5 (C) Pawel Szvmanski