No Strings, a recently launched nightlife group whose mission is “to curate immersive and transformative events that celebrate and nurture subculture lifestyles,” has done just that with its recent Halloween bash. Located just steps away from Heidi Klum’s famous Halloween party, co-founders Isadora Barnett and Henry Casson, along with creative director Saïd Ali Mesbahi, orchestrated an unforgettable night that blended New York City’s underground arts scene with up-and-coming artists. The party was full of influencers, many of whom stepped away from Heidi Klum’s to catch a glimpse of the sold-out event. The exclusive event was No String’s version of a mini music festival: offering three floors of distinct musical styles and showcasing emerging talents, creating a captivating ode to the emerging underground NYC art scene. 

What Was Going on At The No Strings Halloween Party at the Selina Hotel? 

The Selina Hotel in Chelsea served as the dynamic backdrop for the event, which radiated a high-energy atmosphere throughout the whole night. Every corner of the hotel was curated with visually pleasing Halloween decorations, immersing the costumed attendees in the perfect ambiance. The main floor featured various artists, with the most highly anticipated being BKTHERULA. Her performance of the hit song “Santanny” electrified the crowd, and had everyone in attendance going insane. Every corner of the Selina Hotel furthered the Halloween spirit; The hotel’s basement pulsated with techno beats throughout the night, while the outside deck bumped to hip-hop and drill. The venue was turned into a Halloween wonderland, with the perfect combination of live music and skilled DJs creating an electrifying ambiance.

DJ Kazi @kazi at Sweet as Heaven, Hot as Hell. (C) Izzy Robertti @izzyrobertti

BKTHERULA, Monet McMichael, Jalen Noble, and Other Notable Names 

The event was a resounding success, resulting in a sold-out venue and an extensive line that spanned over two blocks. Entry was in such high demand that the event doors had to be closed well before the night reached its peak. By the time BKTHERULA took the stage, the venue was so packed that the event doors had to be locked. The guest list included a wide array of influencers, including notable names like Monet McMichael and Jalen Noble, who added to the night’s social media buzz, as well as the various talented creatives such as: Harry Tate, BjacksGroovy, Matt Ox, and Sire Vert. The costumes at the event were another sight to see, exemplifying the creative and aesthetic excellence. Standout fashion trends and remarkable costumes were seen throughout the night, making it clear that the city’s most prominent members of the underground fashion and art scene were in attendance. 

BKTHERULA's Performance at the Party. (C) Izzy Robertti @izzyrobertti

I had the pleasure of speaking with the event’s organizers, Henry and Isadora, who shared some insight into the unique event concept. In an era dominated by short attention spans and social media, they emphasized the need to bring energy and excitement to every moment.

According to Isadora, “Everything needs to be an experience nowadays. You need to have energy and hype in every corner of the room. Not just who is on stage, but everything in between. We excel at creating this experience by curating the artists, hosts, DJS, visual projections, and everything in between.” The No Strings team even had a humorous anecdote to share, describing their role as a jack-of-all-trades at the event. When asked where the production team was, they simply responded, “We are the production team!”

Attendees at the Selina Hotel. (C) Izzy Robertti @izzyrobertti

Behind the Underground New York City Music and Art Scene Curation from No Strings

Isadora also shed light on what sets No Strings apart: their ability to bring in the NYC underground art scene. She spoke about the creativity that has emerged in the post-COVID era, and how personal relationships have played a vital role in their success. “It is beautiful to be able to bring in the people we started with and see all the progress they have made. So many great young adults are in the NYC music and fashion scene.” These personal relationships have allowed No Strings to form significant collaborations, including one with Defiance Records, and numerous high-profile artists like French Montana and Ice Spice. 

In summary, the Sweet as Heaven, Hot as Hell Halloween party was an unparalleled celebration of subculture lifestyles, successfully bringing together creative communities and celebrating the resurgence of post-COVID creativity. The event’s impact and unique appeal reaffirm No Strings’ status as the premier group to curate immersive and transformative experiences. When the night concluded, it was evident that the exclusive event had not only provided a spectacular night of entertainment, but had also brought together a community of artists, influencers, and creative minds, leaving a lasting impression extending beyond the spirited week. 

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Featured image: Monet McMichael, Jalen Noble, and Taj Hughes (C) Event Photographer Izzy Robertti @izzyrobertti