Using only a Nikon Camera and a laptop, artist and photographer Marcel van Luit’s extraordinary talent and vivid imagination seep through each work of art. His work reminds us that each living creature is distinctly unique yet entwined in each other’s destinies. This intrinsic message in his creations is a reminder of the interconnectivity between all things  and the responsibility we have in caring for one another and all of life.

Your art elegantly intertwines people, cultures, animals, and nature. What does ONENESS mean to you?

MARCEL VAN LUIT: For me oneness is love. And love is where it all begins. There is one question I ask myself in so many situations: what would love to do? Love always leads to oneness.


Photo: Marcel van Luit ©

You’ve said many of your short filmed pieces come from dreams. What is that process like? Do you feel a connection to a higher power?

A lot of my art is based on my dreams. I have a huge imagination and because I am always visualizing my thoughts, I think my dreams are just an extension of that.

Your philosophy, which you have tattooed on your arm and constantly talk to your sons about, is “Life Is Now.” How does that attitude come through in your work?

The similarity in using your imagination and living in the now, is that in both instances everything is possible. Living in the now is a time when you can make a decision and act on it while also being grateful for everything in your life. Imagination is when all the rules, boundaries and laws disappear. It can be exactly how you want it to be. This is the foundation of my work.

What is your artistic process and what materials do you utilize?

My Nikon camera and my laptop, that’s all I need.

Where did the intrigue with humanity, culture, and wildlife come from?

I believe all three are interconnected and the cornerstones to appreciate the beauty of life. It is where my imagination takes me and what most inspires me.


Photo: Marcel van Luit ©

A common theme of your art is the combination of children and animals in nature. As a parent, what do you want to teach your kids about humanity’s responsibility to the planet and other living creatures? Are you hopeful for our future as a species here on earth?

I have always been fascinated with animals. Back in the day, I was often outside looking for little bugs. My sons have shown a similar interest. As a father, I try to teach them the importance of sharing their toys and caring for other people but remind them that they also share the Earth with every living thing on it. I see this movement of people getting more and more aware of the need to take care of our planet and that’s a good first step.

What is next for Marcel van Luit?

As long as I keep dreaming and am able to express this in my artwork, I can only look forward to a future filled with inspiration, collaboration, and excitement. @marcel_van_luit