Mrs Miller Stockings bring sophistication, allure and unadulterated sexiness to every woman’s legs. Luxury stockings and lingerie inspired by the glamour of the 1940’s.

What inspired you to start your stocking boutique?

I’ve always loved stockings, I like wearing them but I also have hundreds of pairs I’ve collected over the years. I always wanted to put the details from my favourite ones together to make my ultimate pair and then present them in this beautiful packaging, the way they used to come in the forties and fifties.  I mean most stockings are quite basic and come in cellophane packets and its not much different from opening a bag of potato chips really.  That makes them quite insubstantial to give as a gift. I'm married now but I remember I used to love receiving gifts of underwear from boyfriends, lovers and even girlfriends, but the underwear itself would often be wrong - it might be beautiful but too small or too big too tight or too slutty - or not slutty enough!

Giving classic black nylons you can’t really go wrong - but they only work as a present when they come in these elegant boxes with layers of silk and tissue to go through before you get to them, and it makes the whole occasion of receiving them and putting them on like a kind of small ceremony  and it can be very cinematic too, putting on stockings; like Mrs Robinson in The Graduate - she was a real inspiration, and Sophie Loren in The Millionaire - though she was taking them off.

How long have you been trading?

I’ve been thinking about it for ages but Actually not long at all - just a few months - i feel I’ve only really just started.

Featuring in Vogue Italia must have been a great experience, how did that come about?

Yes that was a Katy England shoot and it was almost like ESP, because Ive always loved her work and I’ve always loved Italian Vogue too. So obviously that was double good!  And - actually, like my collection of vintage stockings I’ve collected lots of old back issues of Italian vogue ….

What’s your most popular stocking?

The most iconic is the Mrs Miller signature seamed stocking - in black with a cuban heel - but the most popular is the seamless black 100% nylons with RHF ( reinforced heel and toe) I think these are more serviceable - more day time.What we hear from people is that seamed stockings are more night time.

Patterned stockings have become very popular recently, is this something you’ll be tapping into?

Again i have a lot of patterned stockings in my personal collection and love wearing them too  for variety, but right now Mrs Miller is concentrating on classic lines.  

What does the future hold for Mrs Miller Stockings?

I keep mentioning my personal collection - but in it I have two extremely rare boxes of stockings that were designed by Salvador dali for a company with the very unsexy name of Bryant stockings, but the name almost becomes irrelevant when you look at the Dali drawings which are so so sexy and so absolutely beautiful.It gave me the idea to launch future ranges by commissioning artists the same way Bryant commissioned Dali to make some limited edition artworks of which there will be just a short run - no pun intended, but its very exciting for me as I used to run a gallery in London and I really miss working with artists, sadly I can’t work with Dali and I can’t say who the first artist we are working with but it will be just as beautiful.

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