Our series of numerology articles by psychic Maria Thomas, continues with Life Path Power Numbers!

I hope you have enjoyed learning about your personal life path number. It reveals lots about your life and personality but how about where you are right now? I find that this nine-year cycle explains a lot about what you can expect from 2015 and beyond. It’s also worth making a note of previous years numbers (see the equation) and work out what you were doing in those too. It may just show you what you have to look out for in the future.

To work out your personal year number for 2015 you need to take your day and month of birth. For example mine is 24th November and the year is 2015. Using the same adding technique I mentioned before add up all the numbers until the make one number.2 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 16 then 1 = 6 = 7 This means my personal year for 2015 is a number 7. Next year will be an 8 and 2017 for me will be a year nine.Now see what you have to look forward to in 2015.


Personal year one

Starting over

This is the start of a brand new cycle. People who find themselves in a year one often ask “Where am I going” or “whats next” well the answer to that question is – Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to be next. The personal year one is the chance to paint the canvas whatever colours you want. It may see daunting but it is a chance to set off in an entirely different direction. This is the year to try something new, take a leap of faith or take that gap year you have been wanting. Many people start a new business in a personal year one or move on into a new relationship.

Personal year 2

Twos’ company

This is a year where you will want to be with someone. If you have been single for some time then this is the year you could decide to yourself that you want someone in your life and you will stop at nothing to make sure you have a plus one for “that wedding” later in the summer for the couple that seem to have it all. You will require more love and affection this year but also you could find yourself putting others first. You may have to look after a relative or you may just be trying to impress someone in the “honeymoon” period by trying to be 1950’s housewife of the year. It’s a lovely year but it’s not without its bumps and false starts.

Personal year 3

It's all about you.

This is your year to find yourself or do something that you haven’t done in a long while. It’s the year where you are forced to put yourself first.  As the 3-year progresses and you find yourself in some kind of spotlight, you will certainly need to express your alternating fears of failure and success. This release will bring you to a more comfortable state of knowing who, what, and where you are now. From this realistic perspective, a new spectrum of options will open up for you. The past will become the present you have created. And the present will become the creative springboard from which to build your future.

Personal year 4

How slow can ya go!

Ah the slow year that is the number 4. I look back loving on to this year as I remember just a few years ago for me I felt like I was waiting forever for “Something amazing to happen” it did in the end but I had to wait all year for it. That is the feeling of a year four. You make significant progress but man is it slow to show. It’s a grower not a shower, is the year number 4. Don’t fear it just sip cocktails while you coolly wait to win the race. The 4-year is a road of limitations and roadblocks - life's very own obstacle course. It brings you to what you believe are your personal limits. In turn, you will learn to expand your Will to such an extent that the increase of energy you're emitting will push your limits further away from you. Then, although you will still have limits - we all do - they will not be boxing you in or otherwise pressuring you.

Personal year 5

Ch-ch-ch changes!

The old chestnut that is the number five-year. If I had a pound for every psychic reading I have done that involved a panicked customer in a year five I would be rich. The year five is one of the harshest for a long time but it is the year that you learn big! The number five is a number of changes. If you are a life path number five (see my article) you will be someone who loves to do different things all the time, change jobs, change hairstyle do something fun etc. etc. The YEAR five is somewhat the same. It removes what isn’t your destiny and puts you back on track. So if you are with the “wrong person” but you cant see it, the universe steps in and sometimes removes that relationship. It can also force your career to change unexpectedly in the same manner. Whatever happens this year it is mean to happen but you are likely to pullout a few hairs along the way.

Personal year 6

This Old House

This is a wonderful year if you want to be a homeowner, settle down or baton down the hatches for the future. It’s a year to make your home beautiful and enjoy the pipe and slipper romance of days gone by, if of course you want that. Although you will have your own problems to deal with this year, you may also feel like everyone else's counselor or problem solver. The 6 energy is so magnetic - so rich in feelings - that it can attract people to you, even strangers, who sense that you may be able to help them. But, you must not encourage anyone to become dependent on you or let your need to volunteer interfere with your real priorities. Know when to say NO.

Personal year 7


The personal year seven is one of rest. I didn’t believe this until I fell pregnant in my year seven and was forced to take it easy. This can be something that happens in a year seven for you. However it may not and it may just mean that it’s a slower year of less action and more reflection. You have time to ponder this year and it's high time you did. Everyone in your life is now reflecting your reality back to you. Their behaviors and attitudes can teach you a lot about yourself and provide vital information as to what is happening in your life, and on this planet.Use this year to gain knowledge, confidence, and expertise. Realize just how gifted and unique you are. Accept the fact that you are a free spirit.

Personal year 8

Lucky Charms

The year that dreams are made of. Some say you have a greater link to the universe in a personal year 8 which can have its pros and cons. You get what you want in the 8 year. You really do. However, if what you want is out of touch with reality, it could end up being a liability, and if you do not know what you want, life will react with the same level of uncertainty! This big and wish big but be aware that unless you really want it then you should consider it. Do you REALLY want that ex boyfriend/girlfriend back? Were they really amazing or do you just miss having someone’s socks to wash?

Personal year 9

It ain't over until it's over

The nine-year cycle comes to an end and it’s your chance to close a door on things that you no longer want or that no longer serve you. Many people find that they leave log term relationships in the year nine but not because they didn’t want to – because they knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I left my job and moved into a brand new career in my year nine and this is often a feature too. It’s a big step into the somewhat unknown. I say somewhat unknown because you would have had a good three years of reflection on it before hand. It’s a chance to tie up loose ends, hand over the reins in business perhaps or simply retire to an easier pace of life.