Say aloha to Hawaiian hemp wellness with the regenerative power of Mana Artisan Botanics. This unique company, a standout in the hemp and CBD space for its commitment to sustainability and regenerative agriculture, prides itself on organic plant-based products with authentic sourcing from the founders’ family property that provide consumers with a total Farm to Body experience. Now, to celebrate Earth Day 2021, Mana is bringing the Body to the Farm with an amazing giveaway contest – featuring the grand prize of a stay at the brand’s very own Honaunau Farm in Kona, Hawaii!

Founders Steve Sakala and Shimyrre Britt hold a deep reverence for the interconnection of the human and plant world. They started Mana in order to harness the healing power of hemp and CBD after years exploring the dynamics between people, plants and food.

Mana founders Steve Sakala and Shimyrre Britt at Honaunau Farm in Hawaii

“We think of it as art,” Britt says regarding their artisanal curations, which include hemp tinctures and topicals with turmeric and plantain, rare Hawaiian honey infusions, chocolates, and more. “It’s a bit of us being purists at heart, really allowing and acknowledging and respecting the intelligence of how these plants work, both individually and especially together. And [we] combine them and allow them to do their magic.”

It’s a magic that can come only from honoring the Earth. Not only does the Mana team commit to regenerative farming practices, isolate-free and non-GMO processing, and third-party testing for all products, but they also pledge to sharing sustainable actions that impact the wider sphere of business and life. The Mana website devotes entire pages to the details of how ingredients such as passionflower, comfrey, and vanilla are cultivated alongside their hemp (the comfrey is grown in fertile soil above layers of lava rock). Sakala explains that at Honaunau Farms, they catch their own rainwater to cut down on other, more expensive forms of water use. And, he adds, “For every Mana product you buy, we remove a pound of plastic from the environment.”

One of Mana’s signature hemp oils with turmeric and Macadamia nut

Throughout the month of April, the Mana team has been running a contest where lucky winners can contribute directly to these impactful shifts. Up to 5PM Hawaiian Standard Time (11PM EST) on April 22, 2021, each purchase of a Mana product will count as a contest entry. Randomly-drawn participants on April 8 and April 15 have already won a deluxe Mana Artisan Botanics chocolate case and $100 gift card respectively. However, the most incredible rewards are yet to come.

A grand prize winner will receive a three-night stay at Honaunau Farm, with a guided farm experience for four people. This group will enjoy the chance of a lifetime with up-close-and-personal peeks into the cultivation of all Mana’s ingredients, as well as the native Hawaiian cultural traditions that influence the company’s practices. (Mana is also offering a $500 gift certificate should winners be unable to travel.) The contest’s runner-up will get a special Honaunau Farm Basket including some of Mana’s bestsellers: Classic Macadamia Nut Hemp Oil, Hemp Balm, Hemp Honey, Jaboticaba Farm Tincture (using extracts from the Brazilian-originating Jaboticaba tree), Spilanthes Farm Tincture (using extracts from the herbaceous Spilanthes plant, said to be a natural pain reliever), Organic Macadamia Nuts, and a Mana Artisan Botanics chocolate case.

A classic Mana collection featuring oils, topicals, honey and tinctures

If you’re ready to learn more about how hemp can heal our bodies and the planet – or need a free Hawaiian vacation – check out Mana’s product guides for your chance to enter and win. For the Mana ohana (family), every day is Earth Day, but this special opportunity is the rare flower about to bloom on their volcano of activity. Don’t miss it!

Mana’s Hemp Honey Infusion with passionflower

Visit Mana’s Earth Day Giveaway page here for details on contest entry. For more information on Mana Artisan Botanics, go to