Honeysuckle is proud to announce production of the first-ever digital magazine for the amazing Let’s Talk Hemp @ NoCo Hemp Expo, the largest industrial hemp conference in the world. In this publication, Honeysuckle and NoCo writers explore the incredible community of pioneering innovators in business, science, environmentalism, agriculture, and spiritual understanding, as well as a unique NoCo timeline which demonstrates the quantum leaps this expo has made. This premier digital issue explains why hemp, regenerative agriculture and their surrounding industries are helping push the planet toward a clean-living, renewable, quantum revolution.

Read the full issue below:

https://issuu.com/honeysucklemagazine/docs/let_s_talk_hemp___noco6 Let’s Talk Hemp @ NoCo Hemp Expo, powered by Honeysuckle: First Edition

This weekend Team Honeysuckle was among the thousands who journeyed to Denver for the 6th annual NoCoHemp Expo, where approximately 20,000 people came from all over the globe to learn how hemp is revolutionizing every sector.

2019 marked an historic NoCo – the first year in its existence that hemp is federally legal. Speakers like David Bronner (CEO of leading organic company Dr. Bronner’s) promoted the interconnectivity of all living beings and that our elements, working in harmony with each other, create a cosmic symbiosis of unparalleled power. Soil scientist Ray Archuleta, co-founder of the Soil Health Academy, and organic cowboy Doug Fine, bestselling author of Hemp Bound, led discussions on regenerative agriculture, which empowers farmers to save our planet and maximize productivity by emulating nature. Renowned human rights activist Winona LaDuke shared “The Sitting Bull Plan,” the original Green New Deal which asks people from every walk of life to create a new economy for the next generations. To quote the great indigenous leader Sitting Bull, she said, “Let us put our minds together to see what kind of future we can make for our children.” Many of these topics we investigated in our issue ONE, we will revisit in our upcoming summer edition QUANTUM; these stories can now also be seen on Apple News.

The diversity of topics was enormous. Colorado Governor Jared Polis declared his unequivocal support for hemp as an agricultural Renaissance (his speech also featured a surprise appearance by Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor, eager to know how social equity can be implemented in these new resources). Gwendolyn Wyard, Vice President of Regulatory and Technical Affairs for the Organic Trade Association, explained why superfoods like hemp are so key to revitalizing a true natural products consumer market. And Honeysuckle’s founder Ronit Pinto took the stage along with Cannabis Now CEO Eugenio Garcia, Nutrition Business Journal Editor in Chief Rick Polito, and Ministry of Hemp Editor in Chief Kit O’Connell to delve into how the media industry can reframe hemp for a wider cultural context.


In knowledge there is power, art, music and love. When you look at the NoCo community, spanning from top processing and genetics companies such as GenCanna and Blühen Botanicals to creatives like Paul Bassis, co-founder of the Arise Music Festival, to expert educators including Joy Beckerman of Hemp Ace International and Chloe Villano of Clover Leaf University – and so much more – you realize you’re in the middle of a brave new world. Each fact serves as not just a step closer to truth, but a transformative leap into a fully dimensional reality shift.

AsNoCo founders Morris Beegle and Elizabeth Knight stated at the outset of the expo, “Our intention, our hope, is to break through the bonds that suppress this plant and give voice to making a huge shift toward organic and regenerative agriculture practices and building a greener economy. Yet there’s still a lot of work to do and progress to be made. In effect, our goal is simply to change the world for the betterment of humanity and the planet, one hemp plant at a time.”

Stay tuned for more news from Team Honeysuckle as we continue to partner up with NoCo, and other leaders in the hemp and cannabis communities while we constantly push the envelope forward. Let’s Go!

*Let’s Talk Hemp @ NoCo Hemp Expo features artwork and design by visionary artists retro, b and Andrae Givans.

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