‘About Alex’ Stars Actor Jason Ritter

Writer director Jesse Zwick’s first feature film, “About Alex,” premieres at Tribeca Film Festival (TFF). The story about Alex is reminiscent of 1983’s “The Big Chill.Jason Ritter plays Alex who attempts suicide. His college friends reunite for a long weekend trying to deal with the intensely emotional incident.

Jason is the Son of Actor John Ritter

Jason Ritter (“Parenthood”) is the son of the late actor John Ritter. You may know him for his starring role in the long-running sitcom “Three’s Company.” The main photo (above) shows “About Alex” actors Max Greenfield who plays Josh, and Ritter (© Dorri Olds). The two actors sit down with Olds for a Honeysuckle interview. The videos include the buzzing background noise of the animated crowd during a quick break for the actors at the indie movie festival.

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Check out the “About Alex” trailer:

Friends Want to Help

The story centers around Alex as his group of college friends try to help. They communicate via social media on Facebook and Twitter. Director Zwick chose an ensemble cast of successful sitcom actors. These include Maggie Grace (“Susanna” and “Californication”), Max Greenfield (“New Girl”), Max Minghella (“The Mindy Project”), Jane Levy (“Suburgatory”), Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”), and Nate Parker.

Here is the interview with Max Greenfield (left) and Jason Ritter (right) speaking candidly with Honeysuckle writer Dorri Olds.

In the next clip, actors Nate Parker and Maggie Grace talk with Olds about the film’s dicey topic. They offer opinions on what they understand about why Alex tries to take his life. They talk about the mental health issues that precipitate such an extreme response.

Dorri Olds is a journalist at Honeysuckle Magazine. Her bylines include The New York Times, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, and The Fix