It’s no wonder that Cam Nichols calls his brand Integridy Farms – the man has a nose for quality cannabis. He means that literally; from his earliest interactions with the plant, his sensitive sniffer could pinpoint excellent weed.

“I was always really big on the smell of bud,” Nichols says. “I could smell [flower] and know if someone had used a bloom enhancer. Maybe it smelled like Zkittlez, but it wasn’t Zkittlez – so maybe someone had put molasses in there. But I’ve always had an affinity for the smell, taste, and look of the bud, and if I said something was good, people trusted that.”

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What Is Integridy Farms? A New York Cannabis Brand For Love Of The Plant

Today trust forms the entire ethos of his new endeavor. Integridy Farms is a New York cannabis brand developed from unconditional love of the plant and with the intent to support the state’s legal industry in every way possible. Integridy, which Nichols is bringing to market with state-licensed processor NOWAVE, delivers a superior product delivery experience. True to its name, it’s designed to help consumers connect with cannabis in the purest way imaginable.

That’s because the Integridy Farms gummies use full-spectrum resin, a strong departure from any other gummy currently on the New York market. The brand’s inventor sampled gummies from every processor in the state before selecting NOWAVE. He realized that most were using THC distillate, which left an ethanol taste on his acute palate. But those from the Rochester-based NOWAVE were huge on flavor and proved to be Nichols’s perfect match.

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What's Special About Integridy Farms' Full-Spectrum Cannabis Gummies?

“As soon as I tried one of their samples, I knew these were the guys,” the gourmand explains. “They’re one of the most innovative processors out there right now. Working with them on my gummies, the vision was to create a product with full-spectrum cured hash resin, which would be more craft-oriented than anything else on the market. We’ve done that with our first SKU, the Pineapple Colada. It’s made with Scoops of Chem (a 2 Scoops x Chem De La Chem cross descended from Chemdawg strains). I personally love the flavor and I hope the public does too.”

But beyond the flavor, what the pioneer wants consumers to experience in the Integridy Farms gummies can best be described as transcendence. “I’m really big on resin and rosin,” Nichols comments. “I do not like anything that’s not full-spectrum… I definitely feel a difference when I’m ripping a rosin pen versus a distillate pen. The distillate feels almost headachy sometimes if you use it too much, while with the rosin, I feel this very warm blanket high over my whole body, and that’s what I look for in a high personally… That’s what I want. And that’s why for my product, I chose to go with something that did have that full-spectrum effect.”

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Upstate New York Origins: Meet Integridy Farms Founder Cam Nichols

Nichols (who may just be the nicest guy in Empire State cannabis) emphasizes doing everything with intention and appreciation. A native of Upstate New York, the ambitious young man grew up just outside of Albany. Though his love of weed made him the black sheep of his family – particularly when he tried growing plants inside his bedroom closet – he was instilled with a strong work ethic and passion for nature. Spending time on his family’s farm, which cultivated everything from Christmas trees to livestock, bonded Nichols to the idea of working the earth. As he got older, attending Syracuse University and needing money for living expenses, he honed his entrepreneurial spirit by becoming a popular plug for his social circle.

“The reason people came back to me again and again in college is because they knew I had a focus on quality and also value,” Nichols asserts. “They knew they weren’t going to get ripped off. That’s a difference maker in this industry. People ask, ‘Are you quality-focused, and do you show up?’”

Over several turbulent years, which included leaving college when his connections began to get raided, Nichols consistently proved his ability to show up. Not only does he have a deep reverence for the history of New York strains, especially Piff, but he has worked with respected East Coast cannabis brands learning the ins and outs of the industry. All the while, he saved money toward the dream of starting his own product line.

It was his concentrated enthusiasm that convinced NOWAVE to take a chance on Nichols. When he initially approached the processor’s leadership team about Integridy Farms, they said they couldn’t take on any new white-label projects. But the optimist trekked from Schenectady County to Rochester to present his vision in-person, and his pluck and positive attitude convinced NOWAVE that this partnership would make magic.

“I take risks and I push, but nicely,” Nichols affirms. “Nicely is the important part. You have to have respect for the entirety of the cannabis movement, and for the role everyone’s playing in it.”

Integridy Farms: New York Seasonal Designs, Collectibles, And Respecting The Cannabis Industry

That’s actually the genesis of the name Integridy Farms: “Integrity is a real, true part of character that for me is super important in everyday actions. The cannabis industry used to operate in handshake deals, and it was always this very respect-driven industry. It was like, ‘Don’t be an asshole.’ If you were, even if it was small-time, you never got business again. The crap weeded itself out of the industry. Now seeing where we are, the fights and lawsuits that break out, it’s difficult. That’s one reason I want to commit to consumers with quality product.”

Another unique aspect of Integridy Farms that consumers are sure to enjoy is its artistic packaging. The gummies will be released in seasonally-themed tins that feature constantly-evolving designs that echo nature and New York’s distinctive regions.

“On my packaging, the farm represents the center of things,” Nichols notes. “The farm is in the middle, and outside of that you can see maybe Great Sacandaga Lake or Lake George, or any of the lakes that we all love and spend our summers going to. There’s a tree that’s going to be used to illustrate the seasons that happen throughout New York. We’ve got the Adirondack mountains in the background, but you also see the city. New Yorkers love their seasons… so I feel like it’s a really cool component to incorporate into the tins.”

Natural collectors will find a gamification element to the brand’s seasonal tins as well. Removable stickers will be placed inside each tin that feature the theme and the date. It’s an exciting Easter egg for those who love their limited-edition craft cannabis products.

Each new Integridy Farms SKU will be season and strain-specific as the brand evolves. For the moment, Nichols encourages consumers to “get ready to go on vacation” with the Pineapple Colada. As he shares, the actual gummies aren’t more potent than usual in terms of their THC content, but the full-body high of that cured hash resin provides a delicious escape when you need it.

What's Next For Integridy Farms?

And for a visionary who’s constantly on the road himself, traveling throughout the state experiencing each pocket of cannabis culture, this moxie-filled plant lover is ready to manifest a New York industry where everybody supports each other. He wants a reality where we can all know each other’s stories, appreciate our complementary skill sets, smoke joints together, hug and make merry in the triumph over adversity. Having faith in such a future, he says, is important.

Nichols may be a self-made man in the classic American style, but it’s his progressive belief in a legal industry fueled by love that makes him a true “High-ratio” Alger story.

We look forward to celebrating this champion of Integridy.

Integridy Farms gummies are now available through the NOWAVE product catalogue, or send inquiries of orders to For more information, follow @integridyfarms on Instagram.


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