2020 has been an eventful and tumultuous year. In the midst of it all, it’s likely that our dedication to sustainability and ethical consumer actions has been somewhat neglected during this time.

 Ethical consumer consciousness is on the rise in areas like food, packaging, and manufacturing. In states that have legalized recreational cannabis, it’s easy and exciting to go to a designer dispensary without considering where your cannabis is coming from. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, when you buy from such a dispensary, your money is, more often than not, reinforcing white privilege. 

Humble Bloom is a cannabis immersive education and advocacy platform that both empowers individuals through inclusive experiences and consults growing brands on how to bloom consciously. Humble Bloom is aiming to change the tired, white-washed narrative of the industry. 

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the collective, co-founded by Solonje Burnett and Danniel Swatosh, primarily focused on hosting events that, “prioritized storytelling over sales, fostering a deeper connection to the plant representing various ways it intersects our lives,” according to a press release from Nov., 11. 

As gatherings in large groups remain strictly unadvised, if not prohibited by law, instead of waiting to return to business as usual, regulations prompted development of the Humble Bloom website, launched last Tuesday. 

With a different platform, however, comes a different model. While individuals will no longer have the personal, culture-soaked hands-on experience during this time, the birth of the website also acts as the birth of an online integrated cannabis shop. 

Firmly standing behind their message of education, connection, and humanization through cannabis, the site currently offers 20 brands, 19 of which are Women-owned and over half are BIPOC.

It’s our responsibility to be reparative. America’s lack of accountability around white supremacy is bold and brazen.” Said Burnett, “ We saw legalization spread this election season, mostly for profitability purposes during the crisis. This industry should lead in innovation by investing in radical anti-racist compassion, financial equity for the oppressed and continual co-conspiratorship to tip scales.” 

Easily navigable and user friendly, the website presents a drop down menu allowing the consumer to shop by a specific minority-owned small business, with a selection substantially more unique than any dispensary. Hosting products from smokeables to topicals to edibles, consumers can feel good by doing good. 

“Cannabis is more than a product for consumerism. It is intrinsically intertwined with our evolution. Its purpose by design is to heal our bodies, community and the planet,” said Swatosh. “Take this wave of learning and unlearning and make it a lifestyle choice. Straight up, support brands who lead with purpose and align with your values.”