How to Vape CBD and Get the Most Out of It

Navigating CBD can be confusing but not with our help.

Cannabidiol (CBD) needs no introduction. The substance is considered the second-most-popular cannabis extract after tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It’s also the most therapeutically beneficial compound derived from the plant. CBD can help treat, manage, and even prevent some of the most debilitating medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, and even cancer.


Like other cannabis extracts, there are numerous ways to consume cannabidiol. Initially, many CBD products came in the form of oil tinctures, which would be administered orally. All you have to do with oral tinctures is get the best CBD tincture, drip the tinctures underneath your tongue, and then swallow.


But over time, researchers have approved additional CBD delivery methods. Today, you can ingest CBD-infused edibles, apply CBD-enriched topicals, smoke-dried cannabis extracts, or vape CBD-based e-juices.

CBD oil

How Does Vaping CBD Work?

Vaping CBD follows the same process as vaping any other product. The fundamental difference is that in the case of cannabidiol, you’re consuming CBD-containing oils, concentrates, or waxes.

Ideally, the vaping process commences when you turn on your vaporizer. As the device powers up, the CBD-infused e-liquid in your vape tank gets heated using unique wicks that extend from your vaporizer’s coils to the tank. Depending on your vaporizer’s design and mechanism, the heat transfer can happen either through conduction or convection.

As the coils heat the CBD e-juice in the vape tank, clouds of vapor are produced. You then inhale this vapor by drawing air from your e-cig mouthpiece. You can inhale the vapor directly into your lungs or hold it in your mouth first before swallowing, depending on your preference.

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Why Vape CBD In The First Place?

There are numerous ways to administer cannabidiol. Each of these delivery methods comes with the health benefits of CBD.

So, why would you consider vaping?

For starters, vaping has a faster onset time. That’s because the vapor that you inhale enters your bloodstream directly. Typically, it takes anywhere from five to fifteen minutes for the effects of vaping CBD (or any other substance) to kick in.

Another notable benefit of vaping is that it carries higher bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the amount of cannabidiol that gets to your system compared to the total amount consumed in one vaping session. While other CBD delivery methods like edibles come with 15 – 25% bioavailability, vaping can guarantee bioavailability of as high as 50%.

Last but not least, vaping is safer than other CBD delivery methods like smoking dried cannabis extracts. Well, cannabis presents no serious side effects in itself. However, smoking involves combustion, which results in smoke production, which could change the equation significantly. So, you’re exposed to fewer toxins vaping CBD compared to when smoking dried cannabis extracts. And if you’re looking for quality CBD products; buy CBD from here to reap all the benefits.

How to Make the Most Out Of Vaping CBD

1.   Choose a suitable vape device.

There are several types of vaporizers that you can use to vape CBD oil. Examples include disposable CBD vape pens, CBD oil cartridges, refillable CBD vape pens, and CBD pods.

  1. CBD vape pens are the most straightforward, easiest-to-use, and most affordable of the four options. The devices come with pre-filled CBD vape juice that’s safe to consume, taking away the hassles of refilling the tank each time you run out of e-juice.
  2. CBD oil cartridges are slight modifications of CBD vape pens. The cartridges usually hold anywhere from 0.5 to 1 ml of vape juice.
  3. CBD pods are nearly similar to CBD oil cartridges, only that they’re also compatible with JUice USB Lighting (JUUL) batteries.
  4. Refillable CBD vape pens are the most advanced and efficient CBD vape devices. They come as a fully-functional unit, complete with their coils, vape tanks, and batteries.

While vapers have their preference, the convention starts with the simplest device if you’re a beginner.

2.   Choose suitable vape juice.

CBD vape juices from comes in different forms, depending on the other ingredients in them. If you intend to vape cannabidiol strictly for its medicinal effects, you should consider CBD isolates or broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD isolates are vape oils that have cannabidiol as the only active cannabinoid. Such vape juices can comprise as much as 99% CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD e-juices contain CBD and several other cannabis extracts, except for the euphoria-inducing THC. The last category is full-spectrum CBD vape oils, which feature CBD, THC, and other cannabis compounds.

As you may have guessed, isolates and broad-spectrum CBD vape juices have no mind-altering effects, whereas full-spectrum CBD e-juices can produce psychotropic and intoxicating effects.