This spring Kim Kardashian West made headlines when she threw herself a CBD-themed baby shower. But it’s another of the Kardashian clan that comes to mind when looking at a box full of goodies from Sugar & Kush CBD – the brand’s colorful, happiness-inducing packaging features a drip-down reminiscent of Kylie Jenner’s groundbreaking cosmetics line. And while striking enough to appeal to the Millennial / Generation Z set, Sugar & Kush products are in fact pioneering whole new levels of CBD experience for everyone.

The Vast Power of Sugar & Kush

You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to love Sugar & Kush’s cannabinoid cool, but it helps.  With delectable dessert-inspired flavors and wide-ranging effects for balance in body and mind, these tinctures and gummies treat all five senses to pure bliss. People have said that they’ve used CBD for anxiety, CBD for stress, CBD for pain, and many other reasons such as to improve sleep, help their concentration, or enjoy its anti-inflammatory properties. But though there are many varieties of CBD and infused products on the market, it’s hard to pinpoint one that brings the fun and all-around healing like Sugar & Kush does. From confectionary tastes that you’d find at summer festivals, to feel-good elements – everything is sustainably sourced and packaged, plus the ingredients are completely vegan – sampling this CBD line is akin to taking a trip to the amusement park.

Sugar & Kush Keto CBD gummies, 500mg, reduced our anxiety. They also helped us with fatigue, muscle recovery, and a variety of other benefits. Sugar & Kush Vanilla-flavored CBD Oil Drops, available in 500mg or 1000mg bottles, helped us sleep better.

We’re always up for days of pleasure at Team Honeysuckle, so we happily explored the delights of Sugar & Kush’s CBD Oil Drops and 500 mg CBD gummies. Everyone instantly agreed that the gummy bears (25mg per serving) had a great, classic flavor that you’d find at your local candy shop. Yet watch out, Haribo, because the fruity keto CBD gummies come with an extra perk: Several members of the team reported that eating the sweets reduced their anxiety.

“It’s easier to go with the flow throughout the day,” said editorial intern Annie Iezzi after trying the bears.

When it came to the Oil Drops, opinions varied as to the favorite flavor, but it was universally agreed that these smooth, pure, comforting tinctures rock. They’re designed to be added to coffee and drinks, featuring the yumminess of Hazelnut, Orange Creamsicle, Cotton Candy, Vanilla, Bubblegum and unflavored CBD oil drops. Of course, if you’re like some Honeysucklers who love their CBD tinctures straight from the bottle, it’s just as simple and mouthwatering to place a few drops on your tongue.  (At 16mg per serving, the recommended dose is 1-2 full droppers per day, but adjust as desired. For total bottle size, the amount is 500mg of CBD or 1000mg CBD.)

Sugar & Kush Unflavored CBD Oil is a perfect addition for your favorite CBD recipes and helped us to relax!

Managing Editor Jaime Lubin quickly became a fan of Hazelnut-flavored CBD. “I thought it would taste like Nutella, and it did!” she commented. “I’m a chocoholic, so naturally I loved it. Besides the flavor, a couple of drops really helped me to relax, eased tension in my shoulders, and enabled me to get deeper sleep. It’s a perfect pick-me-up at the end of a stressful day.”

Adding Sugar & Kush Hazelnut CBD Oil Drops to your coffee is the perfect recovery after a hard workout.

The young and young-at-heart will go wild for Cotton Candy CBD, according to Lubin. (It’s not just a Honeysuckle favorite either; we hear the Sugar & Kush team is partial to this one.) “After going to lots of fairgrounds as a kid, you get to know good cotton candy,” she explained. “Sugar & Kush’s variety is the best kind because you can have the authentic taste – and it’s healthy for you! Not only did I feel the transportive nostalgia of cotton candy, but the tincture also improved my concentration when I took it.”

Cotton Candy CBD oil tinctures from Sugar & Kush taste delicious to our team and helped with our overall anxiety!

Iezzi and contributor Matthew Diaz concurred on Orange Creamsicle CBD, noting that it has a strong, classic warm creamsicle smell with a nice aftertaste of vanilla. Diaz said that its calming effect “gives the body a slight exhaustive relief akin to curling one’s toes on the carpet after a long day of work.” Muscle relaxation, Iezzi added, was a very welcome plus to the tincture’s familiar sweetness.

We love the 1000mg Orange Creamsicle CBD Oil Drops from Sugar & Kush. What an incredible flavor to drop on your tongue!

Contributor Nick Ricardi delighted in the Bubblegum CBD pleasant hint of the real thing. “I’m feeling a lot of relaxation in my arms and shoulders, a lot of upper body calming,” he stated after trying the oil for a few days. He also had a very favorable experience with the Vanilla flavored CBD oil, finding that when he took the tincture it allowed for “a deeper sleep if taken right before bed,” and that it “functions as a nice substitute for [THC] use” at night. His baseline reaction told us everything we could want to know about the quality of the product: “Mmm, this is good, just genuinely good! I’m enjoying taking this oil.”

If turning downtime moments into dessert time wasn’t awesome enough, we learned one more tidbit about Sugar & Kush that puts a smile on our faces. The company’s founder is a cancer survivor who treated herself with cannabis and is determined to keep giving back in myriad ways. Visit for CBD recipes, articles on CBD for health and wellness, hemp oil recovery drops, tips for parents using CBD, and news about upcoming products. Word on the street is they’ll be expanding with a line of gluten-free CBD, dairy-free CBD, and sugar-free CBD baked goods. Soon you can have your Hazelnut tincture and eat your chocolate chip CBD cookies too! Who knew that la dolce vita was actually spelled C-B-D?