Whether you read your daily horoscope for fun or you rely on your horoscope to give you more insight into your personality and tendencies, there’s a chance you rely on your birth month to help you understand your love life. 

Many people subscribe to the idea that your horoscope will reveal whether you’ll be lucky in love, as well as some challenges to look out for. Here are some of the ways you can use your love horoscope to help determine your romantic future.

Fire and Air: The Yang Signs

These signs tend to be more outspoken and aggressive. When it comes to love, fire signs know that actions speak louder than words. However, people whose zodiac falls under these signs tend to make rash decisions and may not always think things through before they put a plan in action. They are dynamic leaders and independent thinkers and want to be able to display these traits in their romantic relationships.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire signs. These individuals are often community leaders and fight passionately for causes they believe in. They are constantly reading and learning about new things. However, fire signs tend to be “hot-headed” and need constant stimulation to remain interested. 

If you’re a fire sign, you’ll likely be looking for a partner who is adventurous, passionate, ambitious, and outspoken when you read your horoscope. You’re likely also searching for a romantic partner you can travel the world with, and someone who doesn’t mind heated arguments, since you also enjoy the intensity that comes with “making up” with your mate.

Air Signs

People who are Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius are air signs. These individuals can use their “air” energy to go with the flow or to cause a tornado and destroy everything in their path. Air signs love to initiate and engage in stimulating conversation and are always looking for a fun activity to be a part of. They are much more comfortable with their thoughts than their emotions, although they tend to be very honest about what they think. 

Air signs don’t have too many emotional outbursts, but they are certainly memorable when they do. If you want to know more about a subject or school of thought, an air sign likely has the answers you seek. Air signs are also known for not being too clingy. 

They are not opposed to open relationships, and know-how to give their partners “space”– sometimes they are too “good” at this. As an air sign, when you’re reading your horoscope, you’re likely hoping to find that you will attract a partner that matches your intellectual and mental energy. You also want to find a creative partner, who knows how to maintain a great conversation and is an independent thinker.

Water and Earth: The Yin Signs

People who are water or earth signs are intuitive and emotionally sensitive. These individuals are looking to settle down with a lifelong partner, start a family, and cling to traditional values. Both earth and water signs value honesty, but you have to present it in a way that doesn’t crush their feelings.

Water Signs

People who are Cancers, Scorpios, or Pisces are water signs. They can be deep, mysterious, and very intuitive. Water signs often have dreams about people and events that are scarily accurate. They are caring and attentive romantic partners and notice every little thing about their partners — which can be both good and bad. Their emotions can sometimes overtake them, and if you’re romantically linked to them, it’s important not to get swept into melancholy with them. Instead, lovingly coax them out of their feelings by being understanding and patient. 

When a water sign reads their horoscope, they want to find that life will lead them to someone who isn’t afraid to be emotionally vulnerable. They are looking for partners who want a family and children, as well as someone who values spending quality time with them. Water signs like to be complimented on their beauty, especially when they make the effort to dress up. They also need a partner who provides security and comfort, but like a little mystery every now and then.

Earth Signs

Individuals who are earth signs fall under the Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn zodiac signs. They are reliable and grounded, and their friends and family can always count on them for support. Earth signs are loyal and meticulous. They may not move as quickly as you would like when making decisions, but they are extremely dependable in difficult times. 

Earth signs tend to value a realist partner, and want to find a spouse who gets along well with their friends and family. Earth signs also seek a partner who is financially responsible, but they also enjoy the occasional five-star hotel getaway. 

While you may find a little of your personality in each of these signs, looking for your zodiac and water, fire, air, or earth sign when reading your horoscope can get you one step closer to finding the partner of your dreams.