After a landmark year of growth and expansion, the cannabis community will ring in the New Year with its first-ever Times Square billboard placement, in an action sparked by Honeysuckle. We have always been dedicated to countercultural themes, celebrating audacious women, and pushing the envelope – now we have the chance to make history by helping cannabis and hemp brands openly advertise on one of New York’s busiest and most iconic nights of the year.

Video spots featuring Honeysuckle and our brand partners will will air around 100 times from 5PM on Monday, December 31st up to 2AM on Tuesday, January 1st in Times Square, which has become a worldwide symbol of ushering in an auspicious new year. The spots will mark a public advertising debut for many brands, with a focus on women and minority-owned entities.

Friends and tourists alike can find our campaign videos on billboards along Seventh Avenue at 42nd and 49th Streets. Los Angeles-based designers created these poppy artistic compilations, spearheaded by lead animators retro, b (founder and CEO of ARM) and Désha Stewart (creator of Comet Me Bro and Spacegirl and Bark Bark), and animator Aaron Daniel Seigo (Sack of Justice Productions). The short videos also evoke the bold, edgy visual choices that have come to define our publication (you will recognize retro, b’s designs from the cover and much of the artwork for our recent edition ONE, now available at Barnes and Noble nationwide) and celebrate our own 2018 highlights. With this campaign, we connect not just to the cannabis revolution, but to a worldwide artistic movement across culture, business, and vision – you can find more information about this mission and the content creators by visiting the Artists Revolution Movement at

Coming on the heels of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent announcement to put adult-use cannabis legalization on the New York State docket for 2019, our New Year’s Eve celebration is perfectly timed to introduce mainstream America to the power of the plant and independent brands. Keep an eye out as well for previews for our upcoming print edition BLACK, a deep dive into African-American culture, as several of our brand partners will be featured in the issue.

Who’s Making History With Us? Meet Our New Year’s Eve Partners!

CURVED PAPERS Curved® Papers are a patented new kind of rolling papers that are genuinely Easy To Roll. Whether you’re an experienced roller or it’s your very first joint, the innovative easy to roll curved edge lets you roll right up the middle every time. Every pack of 100% organic hemp NORML Curved Papers sold helps to make marijuana legal. #cannafestdestiny #ryo #tollingpapers Curved Papers Give You An Edge.

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King Noire On Decolonizing Porn & His Love Of Cannabis

DSGNR DRVG This Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand is turning heads on Sunset Strip. Located in West Hollywood, DSGNR DRVG is part fashion house and studio, part hair salon and tattoo parlor, with all offerings suited to outfit the intelligent contemporary man and woman. It’s a creative space that puts artists themselves in the spotlight – Are you ready to shine in 2019?

ELIXINOL™Elixinol™ has been a leading manufacturer of the highest quality hemp oil extracts for over 30 years, with products ranging from CBD capsules and tinctures to skincare, topical balms, protein powders, pet treats and more. “A year ago, we were denied advertising in Times Square. What a difference a year makes — we join the entire hemp community in celebrating what’s to come in 2019,” said Chris Husong, Director of Sales and Marketing for Elixinol™. “Times Square on New Year’s Eve is one of the most iconic advertising spaces in the United States, with over a million in-person visitors and over a billion around the globe watching the festivities on TV. 2018 was a ground-breaking year for Elixinol™ in the U.S. and internationally — this placement reflects our optimism for 2019.”

HAPPY MUNKEY Combining New York City attitude with the Zen philosophy of cannabis culture, Happy Munkey is a high-end lifestyle brand. Elevating products such as grinders, trays, pins, and apparel to the standards of the “luxury hippie,” the company’s seasonal limited-edition releases give consumers from all walks of life an entry into a distinctive community of oneness. Instantly recognizable for its playful logo, Happy Munkey invites you to “follow the monkey” for a blissful and unique experiential journey. @happymunkeygoodies

HRTBRK STUDIOS A creative studio label based in Los Angeles, this one-of-a-kind firm founded by Shane Kirby takes pride in bringing artistry to life. HRTBRK specializes in finding creative solutions to help artists target their market and maximize their brand growth through storytelling, marketplace and community development, and eye-catching aesthetic work ranging from photography and video to apparel merchandising. Imagine the possibilities when you lead with your heart.

NUTRAHEMP CBD NutraFuels’ line of hemp-derived CBD products.

RETRO, B An evolving visionary with a love for photography, surrealism, and projection, retro, b is a dynamic multimedia visual artist. Her projects are fueled by passion and curiosity. Transformative mixed media campaigns are enhanced by photography, graphic design, web development, and projection/installment art services.

THE WEEDHEAD™ The WeedHead™ is a lifestyle brand aimed at high-powered professionals curious about and/or working in the cannabis industry. “”This is a historic opportunity to showcase the evolution and growth of the cannabis industry. We’ve come so far from the days of misinformation and marginalization of the plant,” says founder and cannabis industry trailblazer Dasheeda Dawson. “Our company is excited to be among the diverse roster of cannabis brands bringing our products and community to the world’s most iconic New Years Eve location, and thankful for the vision of Honeysuckle magazine and the other featured companies.”

RESTORATIVE BOTANICALS™ Restorative Botanicals™ has been delivering outstanding hemp products and superior customer service to incredible results since 2015. The company’s passion is to make and sell affordable hemp extract-infused herbal products that provide calming relief and promote an overall sense of health and wellbeing. Restorative skin creams, salves, tinctures and infused foods blend extracted hemp, essential oils, hydrating base creams and nutritious emulsifying oils for fast relief that emphasizes the body’s natural renewal processes. (Learn more about them through our previous articles here and here.)

MTRACTECH MTrac is the leading FinTech payments provider in the competitive high-risk marketplace of the cannabis industry. Known as “the key to cashless,” the MTrac team is solving some of the sector’s toughest financial challenges by offering a secure and compliant processing platform, delivering peace of mind to business owners who are routinely excluded from financial solutions in the world of digital commerce.

MY BUD VASE™ The most elegant combination of art and cannabis culture: Coast-to-coast creative Doreen Sullivan transforms stunning one-of-a-kind vases into smoking devices perfect for the sophisticated smoker. Her designer pieces, like her consumers, have a life and warmth of their own. My Bud Vase™ is making smoking beautiful worldwide. Winner, The Top Bong in Canada.

CANNABIS NETWORK MEDIA One of the OGs in cannabis reportage, this independent media stalwart has been covering the space from the inside out since 2007. Headed by innovators experienced in everything from plant science to political lobbying to cultural use, CN Media began life as Cannabis Information Network, evolving into Cannabis Network Radio and finally its current form as a full-service media, live streaming and aggregated content provider to the cannabis industry. Through platforms including iTunes, Sirius XM, YouTube and more, they reach millions – but Times Square billboards are a new frontier!

KELLY’S BAR To watch soccer, come to NYC’s living room, Kelly’s – closest thing to Anfield.

DANIELLO CONSULTINGLaunching January 1st!

YOUR CBD OILSYour CBD Oils was founded on a belief that hemp and CBD can heal both our endocannabinoid systems and our planet. Headquartered in Long Island, the company was founded by organic horticultural expert Craig Zaffe and ensures supply of quality 100% hemp-based products to consumers nationwide. A longtime supplier of various renowned CBD brands, Your CBD Oils will also be launching its own label in 2019.

FLOWER POWER COFFEE CO. We are “modern-day hippies.” Our mission is to provide coffees and edibles that will enhance the life experience of health-conscious consumers through the use of legal, non-mind altering infusions. We value the importance of giving back to the community, creating new jobs within Flower Power and our affiliations/partners, supporting worthy non-profits, and fundraising to benefit the community. We believe in the value of friendship, education and working with companies who have great products and/or with whom we can collaboratively develop innovative products.

ALTER NEW MEDIA Alter New Media has the tools, resources, and built-in network to uplift and propel clients to the next level, while never forsaking the “why that drives their missions forward. Led by social entrepreneur and social media expert Nadya Rousseau, the Alter New Media team understands that #winning can only come from thinking outside the box – while also being on top of the latest digital trends. Whether you are seeking growth for one social media channel, or need a full comprehensive marketing campaign with influencer marketing and PR – we are here to help. Our greatest strength, however, is bringing social causes, and standout companies together for common good. Alter New Media’s strategic partnerships forge relationships between nonprofits and for-profits via cause marketing that works.