Michigan Governor Rick Snyder passed Bill 4493 in June, making it mandatory for high schools to educate students at least six hours a year on genocide. Including but not limited to the Holocaust and Armenian Genocide.

State representative Klint Kesto introduced the bill in 2015 that was written by Judith Kovach.

“Studies have shown that people don’t know about genocide or why they happened.” Kesto said. “The passing of this bill is about humanity, getting rid of evil and hate.” He made note of the current slayings in the Middle East; Islamic extremists targeting religious minorities.

The ceremony, held at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, included 120 guests, 60 from the Jewish community and 60 from the Armenian.

Honeysuckle was at the Center listening to Holocaust survivor Irene Miller talk about her time spent hiding from the Nazis during World War II, first in a Siberian labor camp and then later in Uzbekistan.

See a snippet of her lecture here.

Irene from Honeysuckle Magazine on Vimeo.

A public speaker, Irene also authored a memoir.

“At this time of national and international violence and of fearmongering,” she said, “voices of peace and acceptance of diversity are so badly needed. I would like in every possible way to say that I am such a voice and available to share it,” she said.