Friday The 13th carries a lot of weight, especially when it falls in the month of October. Not only was it during spooky season this year, but many could hardly wait to celebrate the upcoming holiday known as Halloween. It provided an excuse to dress up, hang out with our friends, watch scary movies, eat candy, and of course, smoke some weed.

The mainstage at Hazy Presents: Friday The 13th (C) Israel Solis @studiio77

Hazy Presents: Friday The 13th In Downtown Los Angeles

On Friday, October 13th, Hazy Presents: Friday The 13th transpired in downtown Los Angeles. Hazy is best known for throwing events on the regular for the cannabis community, with only the best cannabis brands participating. Upon walking in, you’re immediately welcomed with all the essentials: food, cannabis, and live music. 

Historically, Hazy has thrown many epic Friday The 13th events, dating back to 2019. Originally, they started at a venue in Chinatown that’s no longer there. Regardless, the Friday the 13th series is one that’s near and dear to Hazy’s heart. And this time, it featured a musical guest called Kukuni.

Kukuni's Willy Christie performing at Hazy Presents: Friday The 13th (C) Israel Solis @studiio77

Hazy Presents Kukuni

Kukuni, led by musician Willy Christie, is a psychedelic, indie experimental art rock project. Its self-titled debut album dropped last year, merging the vocals and writing of Christie with the award-winning production of Tony Buchen and powerful drums of Robby Sinclair, a U.S. Jazz Ambassador. Since then, Kukuni has been an impressive presence on the West Coast’s music scene as part of the artistic collective Liquid Culture.

Audrey Roy, founder of Hazy, stated, “It's always fun to get people together to celebrate cannabis. To bring in tattoo artists, bring in music and have a big cultural event where we can have a good time and celebrate. They only come once or twice a year, depending on the year. We always tried to do something for that. That's what this event is: getting people connected to the brands, getting people connected to new music. We’re bringing a big crew together for meeting new people, hanging out with old friends. All the things.”

Other musical acts making the night special included Slaughterhouse and 3LH. Among the brands showcased were Zatix, Paradiso, Arts District Cannabis, Mary Jones, Spell Bound Chains, and Always Timeless.

3LH performs at Hazy Presents: Friday The 13th (C) Israel Solis @studiio77
Slaughterhouse performs at Hazy Presents: Friday The 13th (C) Israel Solis @studiio77

What Makes Hazy Events Special For Cannabis Consumers?

If you’re at all a consumer in the cannabis space in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve been to a Hazy event. They’re best known for their event production, whether it’s local or at a huge festival. They also produce content for brands, helping out on anything experiential.

“We try to bring culture to the industry,” Roy stated. “Connect the right people, get the brands and everybody in the same room together so we can make things happen and have a good time. Really, the business gets done when we're having fun. We're hanging out, we can try the product. And that's really what our mission is, is to normalize cannabis through music, art, fashion, cooking, anything that really connects with cannabis.”

Guests enjoy products from Zatix and other vendors at Friday The 13th (C) Israel Solis @studiio77
Kukuni performs at Hazy Presents: Friday The 13th (C) Israel Solis @studiio77

What Are Hazy And Kukuni Saying About Their Friday The 13th Collaboration?

Kukuni’s mystical, groovy, sometimes darkly exploratory but uplifting vibe was a perfect fit for Hazy’s Friday the 13th extravaganza.

“They are crushing it right now as we speak,” Roy explained. “Really starting the night off strong. Good trippy vibes, which our community definitely is about. Really plays nicely with the lights and the production that we put on tonight, so they're definitely starting off strong. Excited to have them in the network. That's another thing, is getting people connected. Hopefully other people see them, follow them along. Listen to their music, book them at their shows, different things like that. Hopefully that flourishes from this.”

Willy Christie from Kukuni was equally excited to be here performing with Hazy.

“After working and participating in more weed events than I can count, it was so wonderful to get to perform in front of the cannabis community, Willy stated. “Hazy events are truly some of the best parties in the scene right now. The intention is clear, providing a safe space to express yourself and to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Plus lots of weed!!!”

All in all, this event brought together the cannabis community in the most beautiful way.

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Featured image: Kukuni performs at Hazy's Friday The 13th sesh (C) Israel Solis @studiio77