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“Grace in Motion”

Enjoy this exclusive release of “Grace in Motion,” the latest in the series of female film portraits by BigPlus Productions.

Creative production agency BigPlus ( are working with a series of artists to craft short Super 8mm film portraits. Their project has arisen from a desire to collaborate, experiment and work without brief. The creative focus/process is based on play where the collaborations evolve into a more natural form and art piece. Their aim is to produce an ongoing series of collaborations spanning an eclectic mix of artistic mediums among them Painters, Illustrators, Blacksmiths and Stilt-Walkers…

As well as promoting the artists, the footage will be reappropriated in it’s original cine format as content for a future projection performance exhibition. 

The films are photochemically hand processed at their studio in East London. The film was origianally showcased on this vintage TV as silent film doc- installation piece for Poppy’s solo painting exhibition.

Poppy Waddilove is a London based Painter and Fashion Illustrator. Described as the rising star on the London’s Art Scene by Grazia Middle East.

Poppy says of her work: I am inspired by the line of the body and spontaneity of movement. I paint quickly, intensely and ultimately aim to create a timeless elegance in the women I portray.

Poppy has collections of fashion illustrations now selling in London galleries and her work has been sold internationally in New York, Atlanta and Milan.

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  1. William sanchez

    03/07/2015 at 1:31 PM

    Thank you.

  2. William sanchez

    03/07/2015 at 1:30 PM

    Grace in motion”, was excellent. Wow. Deeply moving. Abstract expressionism with gestural movements. Please send more. Would you like to see some of my artwork? No website yet.

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