We are thrilled to announce the launch our new video channel, Honeysuckle Presents.

What better way than to kick off the summer, than with a super sexy music video, "Getting Hot," featuring Detroit artist Marissa Guzman, written by South African song-writer, Erefaan Pearce!

We caught up with the vision behind the vid, up and coming film director Samuel Clemens Long, to learn about his wicked blend of visible and infrared light.

Sam: A lot of my inspiration actually comes from the technical end of things. First I love infra-red photography. I think that most people don't really appreciate what modern digital camera technology can do. It's boring to just use them to take pictures. When that same camera can literally see the world in a way that our eye can't. Also, I worked on the new-ish wizard of oz movie that was shot in 3D, which gave me a chance to see how you could record stereographic images using a one way mirror. Then I thought wouldn't it be cool to instead of shooting stereographically, shooting the same image but in two different light spectrums. This idea is part of a feature that I'm writing right now so this video was a bit of a “proof of concept.”

A lot of the tricks in the video were discovered through collaboration with an old friend and fellow filmmaker Jacob Mendel. At one point he lived next door to me in Detroit and one evening when I visited him I saw this homemade 3D rig on his kitchen counter. So when I was putting this video together I called him up for advice and right then and there he offered to shoot it.The main trick we used was two cameras shooting the same image but in different wavelengths. Put simply there is a box with a one way mirror mounted at a 45 degree angle. The regular (visible light) camera shot the image reflected in the mirror (the image in backwards and is flipped in post). The infra red camera (a Canon 5d mkii converted by maxmax.com) shot through the back of the one way mirror. The cameras weren't perfectly aligned that's why in the video you see slight double images, which we ended up keeping because they looked cool. There's also a super funky effect during the dancing sequences that looks like Stan Brakhage on acid. That's all Jacob, he has a secret recipe that he cooks up in after effects that we call “the wiggle.”"Getting Hot"Shot during the 2015 Movement festival in Detroit, MI.

Song by Erefaan Pearce and performed by Marissa Guzman

A Honeysuckle ProductionSamuel Clemens Long: Director

Jacob Mendel: Director of Photography

Choreography: Jodie Svagr

Fire: Scott Kodrick

Special thanks to the sexy dancers of Detroit.