There is a blooming relationship between cannabis, art, and fashion. Those in the cultural know admit that fashion has always looked to subcultures for inspiration. These days, the subculture being focused on by industries all over, is cannabis culture. Mainstream fashion supports this claim.

Cannabis In Mainstream Fashion

An article published by Glossy states: “Streetwear brands have long been influenced by hip-hop, skating, basketball and street art, and brands native to those cultures like Thrasher have gone on to become fashion powerhouses.”

In an article published by Harper’s Bazaar in 2021, the headline reads: “The Fashionification of Weed has Begun.” 

In 2022, Fault Magazine published a headline that read: “Cannabis And Fashion: A Match Made In Heaven.” 

In March 2023, the North Hollywood Arts District published a headline that read: “High Fashion: Is Cannabis Couture Coming to the Red Carpet?”

Miami, Florida is both an international fashion capital and is now known as the Art Capital of the World, thanks to Art Basel. It makes sense that in Miami, a one-of-a-kind place for artists, designers, models, and fashionistas, we are witnessing the merging of cannabis + fashion + art. 

Sitting at this merger’s table is Cristina Plinio, a business owner and artist who is taking Miami’s cannabis industry to new heights with her brand Gas*tronomy and the First Class Dinner Series.

The First Class Dinner Series (C) Alejo LP @alejolp_

Who Is Gas*tronomy Founder Cristina Plinio?

Cristina Plinio is a Fashion Stylist, Creative Director, Fashion Photographer, Content Creator, and the Founder of Highest on the Runway, Gas*tronomy (Gastronomy), and the First Class Dinner Series

Highest on the Runway was established in 2020 and is based in Miami. It’s the first fashion show where models are in fact smoking on the runway. Gas*tronomy is a web based cannabis media / brand magazine established in 2019 and based out of Miami, Florida. 

The First Class Dinner Series is a Miami-based dinner series that takes the local cannabis industry to new heights with a focus on luxury and opulence. The six-course, upscale, plant inspired dinners are paired with drinks and everything is presented with background on creation. 

Cristina opened up about the workings of the dinner series in our interview.

(C) Alejo LP @alejolp_

Cristina Plinio On The First Class Dinner Series

VERONICA CASTILLO: Miami, the prettiest city in the South, the front door of the Caribbean, and where I’m from. I absolutely love what you created and so let’s start with: What/who inspired this dinner series? 

CRISTINA PLINIO: First Class was inspired behind Gas*tronomy’s love for Miami’s fine dining paired with cannabis experiences. The goal is to showcase the best of the best chefs; the ones inspired by cooking with the plants. We pride ourselves in knowing our menus will push the boundaries of food and cannabis. 

Please tell me about the First Class Dinner Series guest list.

Guests vary from major statement makers in the cannabis industry such as Robert Friedman of The Cannabis Lab, Krysta Jones with the Highly Connected App, popular influencers in the fashion and pop culture community: Brianna Dooley and Tiffany Levy, a celebrity fashion stylist and founder of 420 YOGA

How did Chef Brie [Brianna Persaud] get involved and why was she chosen to be THE chef for this series?

Chef Brie has been a chef that has been a part of Gas*tronomy Dinners since they first began. We wanted to rebrand the First Class Series with a chef that understood the benefits of cannabis and food, but also clean eating. She is the perfect chef to introduce the series. 

(C) Alejo LP @alejolp_

Will these dinners always be held at the same location? 

No, each dinner will be held at a different private location. 

This is the first; how many/how often will these dinners be held?

Our hope is to host 2-3 seasonal dinners per year, giving guests the opportunity to look forward to the next waiting list. 

Are these dinners infused?

Yes, from the CBD beverages, to infusions in the courses which vary on dosage. We always want to provide a properly enlightened experience, and not an overly indulgent one. 

Is consumption allowed during the event?

Yes, all guests can network and enjoy our herbal pairings, as well consume cannabis prior to the dinner and during our cocktail hour. 

Are these dinners in alignment with events/conferences as far as speakers, or, is the goal more intimate, group conversation?

First Class is an intimate fine dining experience usually catering to a max total of 15-20 guests.

(C) Alejo LP @alejolp_

Are there sponsorship opportunities available for the First Class Dinner Series? 

Yes there are three sponsorship opportunities available. 

Gifting Sponsorship Tier: Sponsors can gift their products for our guests in exchange for having their product/brand photographed and promoted at the event and on our social media platforms. 

Content Promotional Sponsorship Tier: For a fee, sponsors can attend the dinner and be given 1 guest ticket. Their brand/product would be photographed and promoted at the event and on our social media platforms. A Custom Reel will be created and promoted via Gas*tronomy for brands’ use. 

VIP Dinner Promotional Tier: For a fee, sponsors can attend the dinner and be given 2 guest tickets and 2 VIP goodie bags. Their brand/product would be photographed and promoted at the event and on our social media platforms. A Custom Reel will be created and promoted via Gas*tronomy for brands’ use. 

What can you share about the next dinner? 

The next dinner will bring an exciting new palette of flavors. We are already working on a mouth watering new menu. We hope to announce the next dinner early Spring 2024, with an open waiting list starting November 2023. 

(C) Alejo LP @alejolp_

What Else Should You Know About The First Class Dinner Series?

Big huge thank you from the First Class Dinner Series/Gas*tronomy team to their sponsors and partners:

Cristina Plinio's Next Goals For The First Class Dinner Series

I asked Cristina if she had any final words and she responded:

“My ultimate goal for this magazine and dinner series is to create the most iconic magazine for Miami’s cannabis art culture. I want people all over the state to learn and be a part of the most exciting things local businesses and artists have to offer.”


Written By:

Veronica Castillo is the Traveling Cannabis Writer from Miami, with a pre-cannabis and psychedelics background in insurance and human resources. Currently, she is a resident of the road covering cannabis, psychedelics, and plant-based lifestyles all over the U.S and soon abroad. Follow her journey on IG at @vee_travelingvegcannawriter and LinkedIn:

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