Today, Gage Growth Corp., a leading high-quality premium cannabis brand and Michigan-based operator, announced their exclusive partnership agreement with globally iconic recording artist Wiz Khalifa’s brand, Khalifa Kush. Together Gage and Khalifa Kush (KK) will develop and launch a line of premium cannabis products in the state of Michigan.

The cannabis industry has made incredible inroads in the state since Michigan legalized adult-use in 2018 and began allowing recreational retail sales in 2019. Through the new partnership with KK, Gage will be the exclusive producer, processor and retailer of the brand’s products in Michigan. Local consumers are already very familiar with Gage, a company known for innovating and curating the highest quality cannabis experiences possible in the area, and for bringing internationally renowned brands to market. It is a perfect fit for the multi-platinum-selling, Grammy and Golden-Globe-nominated Wiz Khalifa, who rocked the world commercializing KK in 2015 (originally developed from his private stashes in the early 2010s).

“We are excited to partner with Gage for our first expansion into the Midwest, and to finally release KK to my fans in Michigan,” said Wiz. “From day one of Khalifa Kush, we have only partnered with people we align with, who focus on customer and quality over everything, and Gage is one of the best.”

Wiz Khalifa, courtesy of Khalifa Kush

“Wiz is a globally recognized cannabis connoisseur,” said Fabian Monaco, Gage’s CEO. “KK has had incredible success in other U.S. cannabis markets, establishing a brand that is synonymous with ultra-premium quality. We are confident that this partnership will allow Michigan to become a unique cannabis destination in the near future.”

Currently KK products such as flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles and concentrates are available only to select markets including Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. Partnering with Gage, which is as notable for its social equity initiatives and grants in the space as for its sustainably-grown cannabis, means that KK will be more widely accessible to Midwestern consumers. Gage and KK will work to develop and commercialize a product lineup featuring flower, pre-rolls, extracts and concentrates to be sold at Gage provisioning centers.

The arrangement includes a grant of license to certain intellectual property to produce and sell KK-branded products in Michigan, and is subject to the state’s regulator approval. KK will consult on cultivation, distribution, branding, consumer engagement and other operating responsibilities. The initial term of the license agreement is five years on an exclusive basis.

As Wiz Khalifa has asked in “Still Blazin’,” “Why can’t everyone just smoke like me?” Thanks to Gage and KK, the answer will soon be, “Why, in fact, they can.”

Khalifa Kush products, courtesy of Khalifa Kush


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