LA-based hip hop artists Nick Jordan & Hunnit of “Friends of the Friendless” have been writing and performing since 2012. But when their collaborative spaceship beamed down their EP REBELS FROM OUTER SPACE in January,  the West Coast saw them gaining traction and selling out shows.

We asked hip-hop artist Jerome Joyce, from San Fran and Detroit, to catch up with the duo.  He asked them questions about ass, titties, mayo and their music…this is what they had to say.

In Conversation with Friends of the Friendless

JJ:  Who are your biggest “non-hip hop” musical influences?

FFF: Blink 182, ramones, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Justin Bieber.

Blunts or papers?

Hunnit: Blunts, but I probably should start using papers.

What’s your least favorite 80’s sitcom and why?

Nick: I was born in 1990 so I dunno and Hunnit only remembers Martin & Lucy but he digs that shit.  Our band name is actually from I love Lucy.

Who does your production? Do you write all your lyrics together?

Yes we write 90 percent of our lyrics in the same room in the studio.  Occasionally one of us will show up with a verse already or idea for hook. Also all of our tracks so far are produced by our friend Alex out in LA who goes by “Clint Beatswood” and another good friend who was originally the 3rd member of Friends Of The Friendless when we started, Adam Hayman.


Where did you grow up, what was your background like?

Nick grew up in a super small country cow farm ass town in Oklahoma and was a punk rocker skateboarder and total outcast always getting in fights and shit with “Cowboys and good ol boys.”  Hunnit is from the hood, Watts, LA, California.  If u don’t know what it’s like out there u prob shouldn’t find out.

You arrive at a blind date to find that although your date is extremely attractive they always rock a backward “Washington bullets” SnapBack no matter what the social setting…still trying to kick it?Nahhhh, bitch whatchu hidin under that hat?

What artists from your area do you think are slept on?


Mayo or miracle whip or just naw?

Just naw…unless it’s Lil Mayo.

Where do you discover new artists these days?


What’s the best video game ever?

Crash bandicoot.

Who do you think is the best live sound engineer working in the LA hip hop scene?

The people at boardners in Hollywood always take care of us.

What’s the best late night snack after a night of drinking?

Puuuuuusaaaayyy! Haha.

Stay tuned for their upcoming EP, NOTHING IS REAL, out this month!