CBD is a significant source of health and wellness that has already become a life-changing experience for many. When I first learned about CBD-infused coffee, I was confused. How is this possible? Coffee is meant to be a “pick me up”; CBD is supposed to be calming. Flower Power Coffee Co. is the multifaceted CBD infusion company changing the landscape of an emerging market.

Coffee That’s Relaxing and Energizing

Not only are their coffees expertly crafted, but they’ve also become major players in the industry. For example, they were amongst the first CBD brands in history to appear on Times Square billboards this New Year’s Eve.

British-born Leighton Knowles, Flower Power’s President and CEO and a professional Chef, had honed his culinary skills in Europe. Before life’s path led him to America, he was looking to connect with “like-minded people who wanted to make a difference and do something different. If you infuse your life with purpose, passion and excellence all else will fall into place,” said Knowles.

Chef Leighton Knowles, President and CEO of Flower Power Coffee Co. (C) Flower Power Coffee Co

I’m sure Knowles and Flower Power’s Vice President of Operations, Terry Bouvier, had no idea that a social media post two years ago would change their lives forever. Bouvier happened to see and respond to the post, and a few conversations later they hosted their initial meetup followed by NYC’s first-ever official CBD dinner. The historic Prohibition-style dinner took place on the famous cannabis holiday, 4/20/17. They served over 80 guests, including politicians and media personnel, amongst others. Although the evening was a success, they knew that they were capable of accomplishing even more!

“We wanted something that would work into what people already do on a regular basis,” said Bouvier. Not long afterward, Flower Power Coffee Co. was born. Today the company has an active online store, as well as distribution in many brick-and-mortar US retail stores. In addition, they have approximately 20 locations in the United Kingdom.

Since launching in 2017, Flower Power’s groovy logo has made its digital debut in places other companies can only dream of. Strategic partnerships mean that digital displays at high profile events across the country have caught the attention of major brands, artists, businesses and consumers alike.

Flower Power VP of Operations Terry Bouvier with legendary musician David Ellefson, co-founder of Megadeth. Courtesy of Terry Bouvier and FPCC.

Flower Power Coffee Co. was the first to present CBD coffee at the Super Bowl, as well as the 61st Grammy Awards. Iconic musician David Ellefson of Megadeth connected with the company through mutual friends to explore how they could become involved in the CBD business. A few coffee bags and conversations later, they launched an exclusive CBD-infused coffee with Flower Power. It was called Ellefson Coffee Co., which is a CBD-Infused Jamaican Blue Mountain blend.

Flower Power Coffee Co. knows that its true value lies within the integrity of their products, which is why they have an internal doctor of pharmacology on their team, Dr. Craig Leivent.

“It’s a fun ride; we have a lot of pharmacology behind us as well, so it is an interesting team and an interesting time to be in [the cannabis industry],” said Knowles.

I find it rather comforting to know that a company will take those additional steps for the sake of their customers. For example, the consumer can scan the QR, quick response code, on the packaging of Flower Power’s products to view the testing results of that particular batch. It’s this type of transparency that aids in building brand loyalty and confidence.

Ellefson Coffee’s CBD-infused Jamaican Blue Mountain blend, infused by Flower Power. (C) Ellefson Coffee Company
Wake & Bake CBD-infused coffee by Cannabis with KymB, powered by Flower Power. (C) Flower Power Coffee Co

“We provide a full-service solution for those looking to get into CBD infusion market. We work closely with companies to help develop their own unique brand and look, because we can do everything for them. This enables them to get into the market and be successful with their CBD-infused line of products,” said Bouvier.

Flower Power Coffee Co. also makes sure that their collaborations include working with nonprofits and the community. Giving back is an important part of their mission. “It helps to bring awareness to all the other people we work with. It’s great having this publicity, but if you’re not collaborating and giving back to the community it doesn’t bring our mission home,” said Knowles.

There’s no doubt that Flower Power Coffee Co is changing the coffee and CBD space. “”We’re living in historic times and we’re starting to lay the cornerstone to an industry that will change the way people live their day to day lives. This plant really is making a difference,” said Knowles.

When asked if they’ve ever had any moments when they felt like giving up, the response was, “No, it’s not about giving up. That cannot factor into your mentality. Approach things logically and be responsible, of course, but this is our passion,” said Knowles.

You can find Flower Power’s groovy logo at every NASCAR race this year, and at the One Love Music Festival this August in England and the Strictly Old Skool Festival in Ibiza in September. Thanks to Head of UK Sales and Operations, Scott Hardacre, they will also appear at Spring Break Amsterdam, amongst a host of other events and stores in the U.S. and the U.K.

Until then, the magic of Flower Power Coffee Co. continues to wake people up to CBD and a flavorful lifestyles everywhere. It is changing the world one cup at a time.

Knowles and Bouvier appear on MyFM 101.3 radio in Massachusetts (C) Flower Power Coffee Co

For more information about Flower Power Coffee Co., visit flowerpower.coffee or follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Heather Carter is Director of Communications at REVEL, the cannabis innovation showcase uniting entrepreneurs, technologists, disruptors, innovators, scientists and futurists. With over seven years of communication experience in healthcare and tech, her transition into cannabis was seamless. Outside of REVEL, she is a correspondent at Take Detroit, an active member of Motor City NORML, and a yoga instructor. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.